sexy bea spelling – davee jones

SexyBeaSpelling_LRGBea could have taken advantage of her power as an inspector and turned callous. However, she held on to the femininity she buried deep inside her heart. When she med Andrew Goode, her carefully built wall came tumbling down in the most sinfully sexy and irresistible of ways. Take a look at this snippet:

“You know what they say it means when someone scratches the palm of your hand, don’t you?” Bea leaned closer to him from her seat.

“Lady, we are about the same age, of course I know. Glad you picked up on the hint I was throwing out. But, I’d really like to hear you say the words, my sexy Bea Spelling.” Andrew shifted in the seat, obviously adjusting his growing desire.

“When you scratch the palm of my hand it tells me you want to fuck me, Andrew Goode. So…do you…want to fuck me?” She drew the words out slowly and began unbuttoning her shirt.

Andrew swallowed hard, the lights of the city no longer capturing his attention. “We aren’t going to make it back home, you know that, right?”

“Take me somewhere, anywhere, let’s do this where we can get caught.”

“Bea, my spirited minx, what is getting into you?”

You will be, very soon.”

“Damn right I will be.” Andrew hit the accelerator and made an abrupt U-turn in the road. “You are so very, very sexy.”

Bea continued unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a satiny demi bra. She traced the edges of the cups with her fingertips, brushing across the tops of her breasts. “My nipples are so sensitive.”  She pulled his hand to her chest and pushed it down the front of her bra. “Stroke me, Andrew. Make me wetter.”

Andrew responded eagerly, brushing her straining breasts with light caresses. He almost growled. “It won’t be long my love, I’m going to rip this bra, I hope it isn’t one of your favorites.”

They pulled into the parking lot of his latest building project. “You still have the extra cameras here, Andrew?”

“Yes, I do, and I know the blind spots as well.”

“What about security guards?”

“I thought you wanted an audience?” Andrew yanked the shirt from her shoulders, easily leaned across the center console, and hungrily took her mouth.

“Let’s get out of this truck.” Bea reached for the door handle.

“No, I’ll do it.” Andrew jumped out quickly and raced around the truck to her side. He yanked open the door and lifted her easily from the seat. The chilly autumn air aroused goose bumps on her naked arms and torso. He leaned in to kiss her more fully as he propelled her legs around to shut the truck door with her feet. “I know just where to go.” Andrew carried her across the well-lit worksite. “The cameras are angled toward the darkened, hidden corners, but, I know a place we won’t be seen.”

Bea kissed his neck and nuzzled further into his chest, tracing her tongue across every part of exposed flesh. “You are a delicious man, Goode, so very Goode.”

Andrew squeezed her tighter and quickened his pace. He approached stacks of bagged mortar, just out of the spotlights of the added fixtures, but not quite in the shadows. Andrew put Bea down in the middle of the tall mound and gently pushed her back to lie down. “Since you’ve gotten me hard as a rock, it’s only fitting I fuck you on cement.” He pulled off her boots, socks, and pants before she could respond. “Damn, you are hot.” Andrew rocked forward and buried his face between her legs.

“It won’t take long, I’m so achy, make me come baby.”

Andrew stopped working his tongue in her folds long enough to reply. “That’s a certainty.” He sucked her clit into his mouth and gently nipped with his teeth. He slid one hand up her stomach to reach her breast still captive by the bra. “That’s got to go.”

Bea raised her hips, grinding into his licking tongue. She circled around, making his mouth follow. “Lick every inch.” She lowered long enough to unclasp the bra and throw it to the side. “I’m close, baby, suck me.”

Andrew pushed two fingers deep inside as he gently kissed her pulsing folds. He started smacking and wet kissing her sexy “V”, sliding his fingers in and out rapidly. Andrew used his thumb to circle her slick feminine lips, keeping his tongue focused on her perky clit.

“Just like that, I’m coming, baby, then I want you deep inside me.” Bea shuddered and arched her hips into Andrew’s face. “I’ll break that handsome nose.” She managed through gritted teeth.

“I like it rough, bring it on.” Andrew gripped her ass and pulled her further into his mouth.

“Now, Andrew, fill me with you.” Bea sat up to unbutton Andrew’s tight jeans.

He bounced free of the binding pants and they gathered around his ankles. , He plunged deep inside Bea’s slick center, completely unaware of the wad of denim constricting his feet. Deeply grinding he worked in and out at maddening intervals.

“What if we get caught, Bea? Do you want that guard to see me with my dick buried in your tight little pussy?”

Bea’s labored breathing interfered, “Yeah…maybe…he will take…pictures.” She moaned loudly.

“I’m not waiting, Bea, I’m gonna cum hard and fast…are you ready?” Andrew kept pumping, his pace rising.

“Give it to me.”

Andrew stiffened and jerked, grasping her hips, crushing into Bea. “Damn…Bea…feels so fucking good.”

Bea smiled and caressed her still-gathered nipples. “Yes, it does, my lover.”

Andrew pulled her close and leaned down to find her mouth with his own. He kissed her softly, yet thoroughly. “I will always reach your lips.”

Synopsis of book-Sexy Bea Spelling-.

Bea needed sex and intimate human contact. She normally lived in overdrive every day, never heeding her deep feminine desires. But on vacation in the tropics, she fulfilled her hopes to escape her daunting lifestyle for a few days of wickedness. Fascinatingly, Andrew was there waiting to seduce her and surprised her with Tessa, a ménage fantasy, piquing Bea’s lurid curiosities.

Beautiful Tessa used her tongue to moisten Bea’s barren cravings, rekindling fire deep inside. Energized, Bea slipped into a short affair with an eager Andrew, ready to feed her every yearning. But, when Bea returned to reality, she wanted to leave Andrew behind. An odd coincidence led her face to face with his masculinity again and this time, she had nowhere to run.

Author’s bio.

Davee Jones began a career in the counseling field with her M.Ed. She then diversified and began work for the federal government. The dryness of the day to day assignments fostered the desire for her to do something more creative. Because writing was always a passion, she used every opportunity to journal and create fictional worlds with her words. She began writing short fiction and books, inspired by the events around her. Now avidly writing, in the little spare time she has, she has several other books in progress. She has 9 published books with her publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing. Three of those published are YA content under her pseudonym, Allee Mae with Sweet Cravings Publishing, a division of Secret Cravings.

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