NEW release: give & take, buy books I & II together in one bundle and save…


finally. finally. finally.

betcha thought this shit was never coming, eh?

i know i did, dammit. these mo’fo’s fought me every step of the way.

it is here. the sky has aligned with the 11th moon of jupiter, the moon is in retrograde, strippers finally stopped wearing clear stripper heels (pretty sure that’s a lie), and me? i’ve produced and given literary birth to give & take, book II of the give & receive series. a book of such awesome, spectacular, epic proportions….of epicness….

so epic. is this book.

like….not even kidding right now. the tears….the sweat. the emotion. the blood shed. (meh…maybe)

the prime time dramatic soap opera music.

playing right now. well, it would be if i had some because….

it’s. (*whispers* cha cha cha cha cha)

that. (*more whispers* cha cha cha cha cha)

damn. (*whispers and prepares for epic finale* cha cha cha cha cha)


you liked that didn’t ya. i knew you would. cuz you’re weird like that, ya little sea monkeys. (winks knowingly)

member those? i could never get mine to live past a day, if ever at all. i just googled them to find out per wikipedia:

“sea-monkeys is a brand name for brine shrimp – a group of crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis – often sold in hatching kits as novelty aquarium pets.”

huh. no kidding. shrimp? learn something new. they look kinda gross up close. lotta legs. like those little bastard centipedes that run around your house. ugh. *shivers*

anyway. that i am bullshitting and being just a tad, a mere skosh if you will, facetious should be apparent. if it’s not…i dunno. *shrugs* it’s late. i amuse easily. what can i do.

well….yes. thank you, tired inner voices. they’re saying that what i need to do is just post the damn links so bitches can be buying up all my shit. here they are, kids:

but lookee. i got something else for you tho….so you don’t have to spend all your cheese. so, if you haven’t gotten either book yet, here’s a way to do it and save a couple of crisp singles.

books I & II are being sold as a special bundle for $3.99. check out the purty cover by none other than the pr diva rachell largent:

you can use the link above or the one on the side. this will be available at other outlets in the next few days as well.

i should probably go. the monsters will be up soon and demand feeding.*sighs and yawns*

they’re a wild, and rabid lot. twin beacons of feral, savagey goodness.

oh yeah…so hey. thanks for all the new followers. i don’t know where you nutty little cashews come from….but i like the company. *grins*

and yes. i know savagey isn’t a real word.

but it’s my word. mine….all mine. now leave me and my cashews in peace.

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