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Sorry,‭ ‬No Chocolate-y Marshmallows in this Vampire Serial

Gluten and sugar‭ (‬and all the things that make Count Chocula so delicious‭) ‬may be on their way out,‭ ‬but the serial novel is here to take their place with a new kind of delicious,‭ ‬bite-sized goodness.‭ ‬Ready‭? ‬Well,‭ ‬go on.‭ ‬Dig in.

Wait,‭ ‬what‭? ‬You’re as leery of serial novels as you are of agave nectar and spelt flour‭? ‬You’re willing to give serials the benefit of the doubt,‭ ‬but you’re not sure what to do with them‭? ‬Okay.‭ ‬First,‭ ‬put down that spoon and take a deep breath.‭ ‬Now blow out the breath and release all your long-held ideas of what the reading experience should entail.‭ ‬You don’t have time to tune out the world and curl up with that epic novel,‭ ‬anyway.

In their original Way Back incarnation,‭ ‬serial novels were chapters or parts of a book published one bit at a time in news sheets/newspapers.‭ ‬Readers settled down to read the Victorian equivalent of the Funnies‭ (‬does anybody read the Funnies anymore‭?) ‬and to pick up where the story left off the week before.‭ ‬And then they spent time discussing with their friends,‭ ‬speculating about what would happen next,‭ ‬and eagerly anticipating the next installment.

At some point,‭ ‬serialization fell out of fashion.‭ ‬Books came in one big‭ (‬sometimes very big‭) ‬beginning-to-end edition.‭ ‬I grew up on the beginning-to-end novel,‭ ‬just like everyone else in my generation.‭ ‬If I joined a book club,‭ ‬the goal was to read the whole book and then discuss.‭ ‬That’s just the way it was done.

But then the Internet happened,‭ ‬fan-fiction became a way of life,‭ ‬and a new breed of reader was reborn:‭ ‬the serial reader.‭ ‬They’re everywhere.‭ ‬Look around you and you’ll see someone who lurks on Star Trek fan-fiction sites,‭ ‬or someone who is following their favorite fan-fiction writer’s story chapter by chapter,‭ ‬eagerly awaiting the next installment.‭ ‬That new breed of serial readers‭?

They read.

That’s it.‭ ‬That’s all you have to do.‭ ‬Read.‭ ‬Start at the beginning of the serial and when you’re finished,‭ ‬look for the next installment.‭ ‬If you can’t wait for the next installment,‭ ‬go visit the author’s Facebook fan page or send an email and beg for scraps of insight as to what might happen next.‭ ‬And when the next part is available…read some more.

And now you know what to do with a serial novel.‭ ‬It’s not nearly as intimidating as baking with spelt flour,‭ ‬after all…plus with serial novels,‭ ‬you get awesome things like dark,‭ ‬sexy vampires.‭ ‬Really dark.‭ ‬And really sexy.


**Steamy 18+** Paranormal Romance Serial Novel | 16,000 Words | Part 1 of 5

There’s only one substance on earth that can create a new vampire–the blood of a Chalice,‭ ‬a rare individual with magic in her veins.‭ ‬Atlanta’s human-vampire Civility Laws demand that if a Chalice is found,‭ ‬she must be destroyed.

Heiress to a family tradition of ward-working,‭ ‬house painter Dessa Collier has spent the past twelve years pretending vampires don’t exist.‭ ‬When a friend-enemy walks back into Dessa’s life after a decade-long absence,‭ ‬everything Dessa has been hiding from comes crashing down on top of her.

Don’t miss the rest of this exciting,‭ ‬darkly erotic paranormal tale.‭ ‬BITTEN‭ (‬#2‭) ‬is now available.‭ ‬Look for DEEPER‭ (‬#3‭) ‬in May.‭

For a chance to win the entire novel‭ (‬delivered in serial installments as they’re published‭ “‬Like‭” ‬me on Facebook and leave a note on my timeline to let me know you came from Bitches Be Writin‭’

Easy,‭ ‬right‭?! ‬I hope to see you there‭!


Emily‭ (‬E.R.‭ ‬Davis‭)





Can’t wait for the drawing‭? Start reading CHALICE BLOOD:‭ ‬HIDDEN‭ (‬#1‭) ‬right now‭!

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