maverick touch by ashley nemer

Have you ever had a character who spoke so loudly to you that you forgot that you were the author and THEY were the ones supposed to follow suit? That’s how it felt for me with Nadia Maverick and her world in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was so easy to write for. I did things a little different this time around, I tried to keep everything from Nadia’s point of view. Granted there were a few times that I had to let Mr. A slip in and control for a little bit but unlike my previous fictions, I didn’t rotate whose side the reader was seeing.

This was quite a challenge for me, I really wanted to concur a few things, 1-general improvement in my writing and 2-challenge myself to make characters that were not troubled and torn. The biggest distinction between the Maverick Touch series and the Blood Series that I can see is that, the characters. While yes, they still revolve around the family dynamics (I can’t seem to get away from that) this time around the bad guys are just that, bad guys. Unlike with the Blood Series I’m not trying to have the reader fall in love with the true bad guy; and my hero/heroines are that from the start. In the Blood Series my characters fall apart and have to build their way up to those titles. With Maverick Touch, they simply are what they are supposed to be.

It was extremely rewarding to write what I feel is a successful book knowing that it was a complete 180 degree change from my normal methodology of writing. However, I couldn’t change totally, the protagonist at the beginning isn’t the total enemy that you might thing. You will have to read and see what I mean. I had to leave a little room for wiggling around.

One thing I do remember from writing this novel was when it came to the scene with the kidnapper (can’t say his name would spoil the surprise) and Nadia I had to really focus on not being a bit crazy with my writing. In the Blood Series I let the characters take full control and I didn’t hold them back, however this time I did have to rein this guy (or girl) in just a bit.

One thing I’m looking forward too is at the end of the novel I leave an opening for Nadia to come to Houston next. That’s where I am considering having the second novel take place. My hubby convinced me that it would be much easier to write about a place I’ve lived 2/3rds of my life. Let’s hope he is right!!

All in all I’m very pleased with how this book came out for the start of a series. These books will be stand alone, you don’t have to read the previous one to follow the plot, also another difference from the Blood Series. I hope you all enjoy them and take the time to give me your thoughts.

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