Buy 4 hours of author services get 4 hours for free! ($100 value) The Write Zone

The Write Zone PR is offering an amazing deal. Buy 4 hours of any author services (accept website design) and get 4 hours for free!

Services include:

Virtual Assistant

Rate: $25 an hour (minimum of four hours per month).

Admin Support

  • Amazon Author Central page creation and management

  • Create and manage author/promotional calendar

  • Distribute (upload) ebooks to Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple, and Smashwords

  • Goodreads (adding books, updating profile)

  • Newsletter (via Mailchimp)

  • Blog  (I can post content, create content, and create a blog calendar)

  • Website (I can recommend suggestions for improving your website and make many of them)


  • Organize e-mail via your guidelines

  • Respond to general questions


  • Run free promotions via Kindle Select

  • Run sale promotions

  • Create and manage an author street team

Promotional Mailing

  • Send out review copies

  • Send out prizes to winners

 Social Media Management 

  • Facebook (personal and fan page)

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

  • Newsletter (Mailchimp)

  • Blog (Blogger, WordPress, or Rainmaker Platform)

Additional information can be found here

For further questions or to book your promotion please feel free to contact Rachell Largent at thewritezonepr (at) gmail (dot) com


One thought on “Buy 4 hours of author services get 4 hours for free! ($100 value) The Write Zone”

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