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Food and memories – Her Secret Past by Victoria Blisse @victoriablisse @Totally_Bound

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 Food and memories

Her Secret past is filled with memories and many of those memories are attached in some way to food. We all have certain meals, sweets, snacks or cakes that take us instantly back to a moment in our past as soon as we bite into them.

I took a memory from my childhood and used it in the novel. My Nanna was a brilliant cook. I loved eating at her house, especially dessert. There was one that everyone loved, so we got it pretty regularly, Nanna’s custard tart. The weird thing is, I’ve never really liked custard of any form but I loved my Nanna’s. It was creamy and smooth, sweet and silky and speckled with warming nutmeg spice. Delicious.

Here’s a short excerpt from Her Secret Past illustrating how much Ryan loves custard tart!

Memories cropped up all over the place—Gran had spent a lot of time in the kitchen. She’d baked the most delicious of things. I loved her custard tart the best, and if I went to stay there would always be one cooling on the kitchen table.

Well, as long as Ryan hadn’t got there first. He had a habit of convincing Gran to give said pies to him. He used to come up with some wacky claims, and I really think Gran gave in simply for the imagination in them.

There was the time his aunt had fallen down a well and desperately needed sustenance. Then there was the picky pet cat who’d only eat homemade custard tart. And my favorite was the disease he’d made up that needed an hourly intake of egg custard to combat. Gran always used to make another, just for me, but it rankled that my best mate kept nicking my treats.

Now, here’s the recipe for you, so you can find out for yourself how delicious it is!

Nanna’s Custard Tart

110g plain flour.

50g butter slightly softened

pinch of salt

a little cold water

For the filling:

400ml single cream

1 teaspoon butter

40g caster sugar

2 large eggs , beaten.

1 egg beaten (just for brushing on the pastry case)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 whole nutmeg

Sift flour into a large bowl and add the pinch of salt. Then cut the butter into small pieces and rub into the flour, until you have a grainy texture like sand. Add the water slowly, and mix until it makes a stiff dough. Place it in clingfilm and put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Roll it out to about 2-3 cms thick, wide enough to fit your tin (I use a 28cm round tin with a removable base). Place in the tin and press against the sides. Trim off any excess pastry. Prick the base with a fork to release any trapped air. Pop the pastry (in the tin!) into the fridge for 30 mins.

Pre-heat the oven to 190°C, gas mark 5.

Take out the pastry case and line with baking paper/foil then fill the case with baking beans. Bake blind for 20 mins, then remove the beans and brush the inside of the case with beaten egg. Place back in the over for another 20 mins until the base is lightly golden and baked through. Remove from the oven and reduce the temperature to 180°C, gas mark 4.

On to the filling! Put the cream and butter in a saucepan and bring it up to a gentle simmer. Separately whisk the beaten eggs and sugar together in a large heatproof jug but don’t over whisk as you don’t want bubbles.

Pour the hot cream and butter over the beaten eggs, then add the vanilla extract and about half the freshly grated nutmeg and whisk ‘til just mixed.

Pour the filling into the tart case and grate more of the nutmeg all over.

Place the pastry case on a baking sheet and place it in the oven. Then bake for 40 minutes or until the filling is just set in the center. (test by prodding with your finger) Leave to cool before serving.

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Spotlight of Crave by Sierra Cartwright Kindle Fire Giveaway @SierraWrites @Totally_Bound

Sierra Cartwright_Crave_Kindle__600x315

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She still craved him… The sight of a collar in her boyfriend’s drawer had stunned Sarah. Panicking, she had fled. But no other man has ever been his equal.

Two years ago, the woman he’d hoped to collar and marry disappeared. So Reece McRae is stunned to find his former girlfriend on her knees, behaving as the submissive he’d always wanted.

Is it too late? He should refuse her, but an undeniable sexual attraction consumes him.

Sarah had been under Reece’s spell from the moment she met him. When she found a steel collar in his drawer, she panicked. The idea of a lifetime of his relentless demands, sensual and otherwise, suffocated her.

In the years they’ve been apart, she hasn’t met his equal. Now, convinced one last night will vanquish his memory, she sets out to seduce him.

The Reece she returns to is even more determined to have his way. Is she now strong enough, brave enough, to surrender to his love?


Reece watched several emotions chase across her face. Her lips had parted as she’d listened to him. Now, slowly, she closed her mouth. Then she frowned. He saw shock. Disbelief. Resignation. And now, with the set of her lips, determination.

Reece told himself that her answer didn’t matter. She’d vanished once, and he’d survived it. When he’d accepted the invitation to Julien’s party, Reece had expected to find some female companionship for the weekend. Playing with her could be an interesting diversion, as long as he didn’t allow himself to fall under her spell again.

“I’m sure that you’re right that I should be scared. But maybe I’m more foolish than frightened. For right now, I’ll settle for what you’re offering.”

“The weekend?”

She nodded.

He reached for the bottle of wine and topped off her glass. “Eat up. Your dinner is getting cold.”

She picked up her fork, and he did the same.

“This really is good,” she said.

He took a bite. “Agreed.” He wasn’t talking about the food.

In silence, they ate for a few minutes.

“I like it best with the blue cheese butter,” she said.

“I prefer it with a squeeze of lemon.”

She took one more bite then pushed her plate aside. The waiter appeared a few minutes later.

“Key lime pie for dessert?” he asked.

Sarah shook her head.

“Coffee?” Reece offered.

“I’m done.”

“Bill it to my room, please,” he told the waiter.

“Certainly, sir.”

As soon as they were alone, he stood and pulled back her chair.

Taking her hand, he said, “Come with me.”

“Not upstairs?”

“Not yet.”

He led her down a path toward the ocean.

“Moonlight stroll?”

“Among other things.”

In the dimness, he saw her eyebrows draw together.

The resort had done an artful job with using shrubbery to make the path clear. There was enough lighting to be safe, but not enough to ruin the Caribbean ambiance.

Only one other couple was on the private beach, and he guided her away from them.

The resort loomed in the distance, providing a point of reference. Clouds drifted in front of the moon, casting shadows before moving on.

He led her close to the ocean, where the sand was damp, packed, easier to walk on.

“Now what?” she asked when he pulled her to a stop.


“I beg your pardon?”

“I want you naked.”


He waited.

She glanced around. Then she worried her lower lip. “You’re serious?”

“If I help you undress, there will be a penalty.”

“Will I like it?”

He remembered her teasing him like that in the past. Sometimes she’d opt to pay the price. Other times, she just wanted to know what her options were. When he spoke more harshly, she obeyed, even if it was slowly, reluctantly. “Do you like that dress?”

“I’ll take that as a no,” she said.

She kicked off her sandals. Then she pulled her dress over her head.

He took it from her, then said, “The bra, too.”

“I was afraid of that.”

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Photograph – Tanith Davenport Spotlight #TotallyBound #Giveaway

WHS Booty7 Social Media Patch_finalTo celebrate the release of Photograph, Totally Bound are giving away a bundle of eBooks by Tanith Davenport.

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She wanted him. Her sister married him.

Tara Thornton hasn’t spoken to her sister in two years, ever since Azure married the man of Tara’s dreams. Tired of the rift, Azure invites her to take a Mediterranean cruise on a friend’s yacht and, bowing to family pressure, Tara accepts.

Forced to be in close proximity with the man she still desires, Tara is thrown into confusion. The presence of celebrity theme park owner Liam Wilder and the reality of his marriage to Azure send Tara into a tailspin and, in an attempt to regain control, she responds to the advances of hot fellow guest Ryan Hyde, while determined to feel no affection for him.

But Ryan has a way of getting under her skin, and Tara’s plan to get closer to Liam is rapidly losing its importance as Ryan begins to break down her defences. Can she let go of Liam, let Ryan into her heart…and tell Azure the real reason for her silence?

 Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of spanking and light BDSM.


“So what did she say?”

“She said yes.” Azure threw her bag down on the bed and turned to face Liam, who was locking the cabin door. “So we’ll see what happens.”

“She looked really worried about you earlier.” Liam sat down on the bed and kicked his shoes off.

Azure shrugged uncomfortably. Maybe Tara had been concerned and maybe she hadn’t, but either way this wasn’t a conversation she was looking forward to. Her sister wasn’t known for making these things easy.

“I’m going to take a shower. My hair is full of crap.”

“Hold on. I’ll help you. You can’t see your sutures.”

Azure nodded. It was true enough. The last thing she wanted was to break her stitches and end up back in hospital. Or get soap in them and have them stinging for ages. Bloodied hair was hanging in her eyes, stiff and unpleasant, a reminder of what had happened today. She just wanted it over.

And the prospect of a shower with Liam was always welcome.

When they returned from the en suite twenty minutes later, Azure wrapped in a towel, the room had cooled slightly. As Azure reached for the hairdryer she noticed goose bumps rising on her arms, the tiny hairs standing on end.

“Jesus. How can it be roasting out there and cold in here? Their air con is amazing.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” Liam threw his towel onto a chair. “Move around a bit. That’ll warm you up.”

Azure heard a thud behind her and turned to see Liam dancing elegantly around the room, stark naked. She folded her arms and bit her lip to stifle her laughter.

“And is it working?”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t cold. Join me and find out.”

Azure shook her head indulgently. What the hell? She untucked her towel and let it fall, leaving her as naked as him. Liam held out his hand and she took it, moving into his arms as he led her into a tango.

“You’re nuts. You do realise that, don’t you?”

“Of course. Everyone should go nuts once in a while. Makes life more interesting.” Liam spun her, sending her wet hair in a sparkling circle, droplets falling all over the floor.

Azure collapsed into giggles, letting Liam take the lead as they danced around the room. As they passed the floor-length mirror she caught a glimpse of herself and bit back a gasp, catching a brief impression of her flushed bare arse, rose-pink nipples and a dusting of dark hair.

“See,” Liam said, sweeping her into his arms and dipping her. “I told you it would warm you up.” He leant down and pressed a kiss between her breasts.

As she straightened up, Azure slid closer to him, pressing her body against his. Liam dropped his hand from her back to her bottom and cupped one cheek, letting one finger drift inwards to graze against the hidden pucker.

Azure’s eyes widened. Oh, really? Two can play that game. She brushed a hip against Liam’s crotch, at the same time reaching down to caress his cock.

As Liam kept them moving, it became a battle of wills. Their bodies brushed together teasingly, hands slipping into intimate places, touching each other until they were breathless. Azure glided behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest, caressing his nipples with her fingertips. Turning on the spot, Liam pulled Azure against him and pressed a hand to her pussy, sliding a finger inside as his thumb caressed her clit.

Azure tipped her head back and kissed him, letting her tongue slide into his mouth as she laced her fingers behind his neck.

Their lips parted, and Liam said two words.

“Hold still.”

And he slid his hands under her bottom and lifted her up before placing her on top of the desk.

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