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bitches be writin’…about cheesecake, naked men and milestones

SO happy and excited I can hardly FREAKING stand it. (Tee. Hee)

It COULD be because I am at the wonderful Amber Skyze’s blog today, promoting my Erotic Romance Novella, Give & Receive. It COULD be because she is ALL kinds of awesome, since I totally had a brain leak and FORGOT that I was blogging there today and she took me anyway even when I gave her my shit @4:38 in the am. (You really do rock for this, mama)

Here’s the link if you are so inclined:


It COULD be that I woke up this morning one hundred pounds thinner and suddenly looking like Halle Berry (pregnant or not as either way is an improvement). It COULD be publisher’s clearing house has awarded me one million dollars every year for the rest of my natural born life.

Hell, it could be that currently I’m being serviced quite nicely by a naked Morris Chestnut, Dwayne Johnson, Ian Somerhalder and Michael Ealy. And Brad Pitt. All at once. And Keanu. He seems like he would be such a considerate lay….*sighs wistfully*

It COULD be they’re holding a cheesecake platter. Feeding and Fucking. Could life be more sweet?

Sadly…none of the above is true. Well…the part about Amber…that shit is totally true. She really is a queen of awesome. The rest tho? They’re more of what I like to call ambitious goals. Fully attainable, mind you….just not currently…


And please. Before anyone tries to bore me with trite nonsense about other wives and children and such….spare me. In my alternate universe, all of these men are currently single, unattached and currently waiting on my eggs to announce go. At which point there will be a mad rush for my premium blend egg stock, much fighting complete with sperm sword play and of course lots of mayhem and carnage.

The victorious sperm will emerge triumphant, a champion to all he oversees, and we will finally unite to form super babies, created in our own perfect image that will one day rule the world.

Hush now. Shhhhhhh. *places finger to lips to silence protest*

We all know I lack certain essential marbles needed to qualify as completely sane. But it’s my blog. Specifically designed for my foolywang material. My fuckery, if you will. There’s even a section marked, “fuckery.” See that? isn’t that neat how there’s a place for me?

So. I’ve wasted enough of your time with my usual shenanigans that some may or may not enjoy. It is my blog after all, and such random acts of nonsensical babble should be expected. And encouraged for that matter. Because we ALL know there isn’t enuff of THAT in the world.

*sighs* But, I digress. On to my point.

The Reason. I am SOOOOOOOO happy. And completely. Totally. Giddy as all get out. Is…..

THE GIVE AND RECEIVE SOUNDTRACK IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*dances around in circles laffing gleefully*

Dah daaaaah dah dah daaaaah dah dah daaaaaah *inserts celebratory marching song*

I am thrilled….scared….sickened…… exhilarated, delighted, deflated (from the short term high that has since dissipated) and excited once again! All of the music, written, produced and sung by yours truly (try to be kind to my artistic vision, lol) featuring a collabo with my good friend Rona Boley who co-wrote “For One Night” with me. Whoda thought one little poem would turn into all of this, eh? So began the epic dynasty that is Give & Receive, lol……

Only ten damn years in the making…..but hey. Better late than never, bitchachos. Most importantly is the moral of this story, kids. Never stop trying to do better. Don’t stop believing in your craft or in YOU. And please believe, if someone isn’t saying you ain’t shit and your books (or music *grins*) suck whale testicles too, lol….you ain’t doing your damn job. Trust.

“Don’t stop…..believing….hold on to that feeling……streetlights….peo-paaaaaaalllllllll ooooooooooooo” *sings loudly*

(quick rewind to last nite)

me: *listening to glee’s “don’t stop believing”*
kid 1: mommy, what’s sea boy?
me: it’s CITY BOY, honey. city boy.
kid 1: a city boy? who’s the boy?
kid 2: city boy? but she doesn’t sound like a boy.
me: that’s cuz she’s talking about a city boy, born and raised in south detroit.
kid 2: so she’s NOT a boy?
me: NO! i JUST said that. (mildly impatient)
kid 1: oh. where’s south detroit?
me: nevermind. please leave me now. *le sigh*

(Present time: NOW) *continues to eye the seven year old hellion boys*

Happy weekend, kids. And buy the cd!