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The Teasing 2’s
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1bFallen Angel: A Roman Crime Family Novel (A Mafia Romance)
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Fire Meet Gasoline
His hand slid under her, gripping her ass. Almost to the point of bruising her. She cried out at the sensation of him f*cking her. Hard, brutal, wondrously unrelenting.
Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pushed her mouth to his. Sucking his bottom lip into her mouth, biting down. Rocking her hips against him, roughly. His thighs slapping against hers as she bounced off of his cock.
“Ride my cock harder, baby. Harder.”
He thrust into her, rougher and more forcefully. Shoving her strapless dress down, he found her nipple sucking it into his mouth. Circling one aureole then the other, until they both stood in stiff peaks on her chest.
“Oh God….don’t stop. Please don’t fucking stop. I’m going to come. F*ck, baby. Oh, Nick.”
He grabbed her hair, yanking her forcefully down to meet his lips in a brutal kiss. He had her pinned. There was no where she could move, even if she wanted to.
She was completely at his mercy as he gripped her hips, bruising her, slamming her up against the wall with each thrust.
He smothered her cries with his mouth, crushing her lips to his as his body thrummed with the need to release. Without warning, they both came in rhythmic unison, his come flooding her with semen, spilling out of her in rivulets down her thighs.
Finally he rested his head on her shoulder. Both spent and exhausted.
Jess felt him withdraw from her. His come trailing down her legs, leaving a stickiness on her thighs. He kneeled, licking the wetness off her. Her legs almost giving out at the sensation.
“After I’m done with this meeting, I’ll take care of every bit of the rest of that for you.”
“Nick-” He put a finger to his mouth effectively shushing her. He righted his clothes, then helped with hers. Smiling at her cocky.
“Told you it would happen again, kid.”
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1aGive and Receive Series (A Roman Crime Family Novel)
COMING SOON: Give and Receive Book 5 – The final chapter
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Welcome to the real
“Release it, baby. Let me taste that cream. You feel so good in my mouth, Lena…give it all to me.”
He sucked her back into his mouth, squeezing her ass. Ramming her against his lips, into his mouth. Like he couldn’t get enough of her.
She finally cried out. Emitting a strangled, tortured sound. The force of her orgasm hitting fast, and sharp.
Ty continued lapping her up. Swallowing every last bit of precious nectar. The more he licked, the more the fire in her belly grew. She came, harder than before. Straight into his waiting, open mouth.
“Ok, Enough. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck.”
“Enough of what?” Ty asked, delving into her wetness once more. Placing soft kisses on her mound of damp curls.
Lena moaned, low and urgent. Resisting the impulse to move her hips over his. Feel him surge into her.
Like she wanted him to do all night long.
Wait…no. Dammit. No.
“Enough…of this. Stop it. I don’t want you to touch me.” Lena’s voice caught, uneven. She took a steadying breath.
Calming herself.
“Liar.” Ty laughed.

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