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1bFallen Angel: A Roman Crime Family Novel (A Mafia Romance)
Part 3

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Fire Meet Gasoline

“These two authors are undiscovered gems. If you haven’t checked out this series, you’ll be sorry. It’s well written and takes unexpected twists and turns. If you’re looking for a feel good, frilly type of read, this is not the book for you. This book is raw, dirty and very real.” NL

“Does he f*ck you like I do?”
She was too lost in elation from her orgasm to actually hear his question.
“Does he f*ck you like I do, Jess?” He asked again. This time further irritation to his tone.
“Does he make you feel this way?”
“Are we doing this now, Nick? Seriously?”
“Does he?
“Does he, Jess?”
“Nick. Really?”
She tried pushing him, but it was like moving a brick wall. Struggling to get away from him, he held her tighter. Pinning her further against the window.
Damn him for being so strong. And built.
And strong. And sexy.
And built.
Something inside of her snapped. Her hand flew up, slapping him with enough force to snap his head sideways. They were both shocked by her actions.
Nick waited a moment, before speaking again.
“Does. He. F*ck. You. Like. I. Do.”
As usual, her mouth got her ass in trouble yet again. She spoke out of irritation, not bothering to think first.
“No. He f*cks me better.”’
That’s when he pounced on her.

Part 1 | Part 2
Part 3 | Part 4
Part 5

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1aGive and Receive Series (A Roman Crime Family Novel)
COMING SOON: Give and Receive Book 5 – The final chapter

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Welcome to the real

“Such a sexy and hot book written by an amazing author. I love this series.”

Lena knew she had been lying to herself. Every day she ever told herself she didn’t want him. Every day she denied he wasn’t in her heart. In her soul.
She had been lying, every damn day she denied in some selfish way she always considered him hers. No matter who either of them were with.
She needed to face the truth.
One way or the other, one of these bastards was seriously going to f*ck up her hair tonight.
She sighed.
The trouble she managed to get in.
Such a naughty little girl.
She looked down at Ty, currently working the zipper on her skintight leather pants. Finally succeeding in getting them unfastened, shoving them down halfway. She expressed her thoughts to him.
He paused thoughtfully, agreeing, before slipping his hand inside her underwear. Fingering her standing up. He brought his hand up, breathing in the scent of her arousal. Soaking wet with her juices. He groaned.
“What you do to me, Lena. Jesus.”
He sucked his fingers to his mouth, continuing to kiss her lips. Her tongue darting out, capturing her essence from his tongue. Both of them sucked at his fingers, until just the memory of her remained.
Vaguely, off in the distance, Lena was aware of where they were, and what they were doing. Part of her knew they were both crazy.
The other part didn’t care.
He used his other hand, delving deeper. Gently pinching her clit. Soothing away the light sting with the pad of his thumb. Lena closed her eyes, wanting to sink onto the floor.
What he could do with his fingers. The feeling was almost too much. She felt herself falling. Tyler held her up, pinning her wrists high above her head.
“Not this time, baby. You follow my lead.” She could only stare at him. Mutely letting him take the reins. Doing what he did best.

Book1 | Book2
Book3 | Book4

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