Five Ways to Spice Up Your Ping Pong Game by Jennifer Apodaca @Jenniferlyon

Exposing the Heiress is an emotional, sexy book with some edge-of-your-seat danger. But there are some fun moments too, like when Hunt and Alyssa engage in a game of ping pong. Here’s five ways to add a little spice to the game:

  • Make a bet. And I don’t mean the loser does the dishes type of bet. Get creative and sexy!
  • If you need to gain an advantage, strip off your shirt. All’s fair in battle, right?
  • If you win, do a dance.
  • If you lose, claim the other cheated and demand a penalty…while holding the ping pong paddle.
  • Be darn sure that ping pong table is very strong. Just saying…

In Exposing the Heiress, Hunt is protecting Alyssa from her ex-fiance. They are both falling in love at this point, and take a break from all the danger and worry for a game of ping pong. Here’s a little teaser excerpt:

aug 3After four games, they were tied. Lyssie glared at him.  “How can you be this good?”

 He laughed at her disgruntlement. “Sniper skills, baby. Fast reflexes, superior hand–eye coordination, and the ability to judge distance and wind conditions to hit any target.” He tossed her the ball. “Your serve. Game five is the tiebreaker.  Bring it.”

 She caught the ball then set it and the paddle down. “I call unfair advantage. I need to even things up.”

 “That right? What are you going to do, tie one hand behind my back? I’ll still win.” The words dried up as Lyssie whipped off her T-shirt. Backlit by the sun streaming through the window, her brown hair gleamed as it fell around her bare shoulders. Hunt slowly trailed his gaze down her long throat to her breasts tipped with dark nipples that stiffened into peaks before his eyes.

 His mouth dried.

 He continued his inspection over her rib cage then down her flat belly to the delicate tattoo peeking over her jeans riding low on her hip bones. His hands itched to mold and shape her alluring lines, while sucking on her—

 Hell. Shifting his hips to accommodate his hardening cock, he forced himself to look up. “That’s cheating.”

 She flashed him a kick-ass grin. “What? The big bad sniper is distracted by this?” She skated her fingers up her belly and circled the small mounds of her breasts.

 “I won’t be distracted when I have you bent over this table and use this paddle on your ass. Serve.”

If you enjoy a little sexy fun in a fast-paced romantic suspense, I hope you’ll give Exposing the Heiress a try.

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