Fallen Angel: A Mafia Romance Part 1 by Alisa Anderson

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This interview is unique in that it is not only from Cameron Skye, but from the character Jess in Fallen Angel: A Mafia Romance. Since the book is based off of events of Cameron’s life, they too would be her answers if she were interviewed as well.
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Getting to the point where I can accept the
truth there is no perfect happiness. To finally love and accept myself and my
past mistakes. To no longer to be judged by them or have them haunt me. To know
that happiness is found in being totally present and at peace in this moment.
What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is what
I believe to be anyone’s. The fear of spending my life alone with no one to
love and to love me in return. A life without love just seems very lonely.
What or who…

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