Reign Over Me – A tasty treat to warm parts due south Cold Nights, Hot Reads Blog Hop

Reign Over MePSWelcome to our Cold Nights, Hot Reads Blog Spot. Please make sure to leave a comment as we will be giving away a $5 gift card to Amazon.

Also, make sure to pick up your copy of Reign Over Me. It’s sure to keep you warm on a cold winters night. You can get your copy via Amazon. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited

The next book in the Sinners & Saints Series will be out soon. So keep your eyes out.


Billionaire CEO Caleb Temple wasn’t sure he was into guys…he just knew he wanted to try once.

But not just anyone.


A well placed call leads him to the beautiful Reign, a man as talented as he is sinful. One night is all it takes to change this first timer’s life as he discovers what the mystery and temptation of being with another man is all about. Raw…and bare.

Welcome to Sinners and Saints.

Please note: this is a SHORT, STANDALONE story. Designed to whet your appetite, leave you wanting just a little more.

Due to extreme adult content, lots of hot, naughty and beautiful, sexy exploring men, we recommend this to those with an open mind.


“How do you want to go about this? Us sitting, talking for a bit to calm your nerves, or do we get right down to business?”

“I’m all about the business at hand, baby. But unlike my day job, you’ve got me for as long as you want me.” Caleb grinned. “Remind me of your fees again?”

“My fee is ten thousand dollars. Payable upfront. If you want bareback it will cost you considerably more.”

“I would prefer bareback.”

“Twenty grand. In cash.”

Caleb handed him the money, without blinking. The money was nothing to Caleb. He wasted more money choosing ties. Reign wasted no time calling Dex, his boss to let him know the money had been transferred. It made things nice and tidy for when he had to settle up later.

Caleb stared at Reign, feeling his cock slowly stiffen and come to attention. He watched Reign zero in on his erection, licking his lips.


If he could do this with his eyes alone, imagine that mouth. All over him, sucking him dry. Caleb closed his eyes briefly and opened them, finding Reign staring into his eyes with a penetrating gaze.

“Do I make you nervous?” Reign asked him directly. No teasing in his voice.

“Maybe a little.” Caleb smiled nervously. “It’s my first time.”

“First time hiring a prostitute?”

Caleb shook his head. “First time for all of it. I’ve been straight all my life, but always curious. I figured, why the fuck not now. I’m richer than any twenty men, I have no kids and according to my assistant…no life.”

Reign held out a hand, helping Caleb up. “There’s no need to be nervous. I’m here to make you feel amazing. And I promise,” Grabbing him firmly by the shoulders, he leaned in and kissed him. His lips brushed across Caleb’s softly, before firmly claiming them with his mouth. His tongue worked his way into his mouth, messaging Caleb’s as his hands came up, caressing the bottom of his spine. “I will make you feel fantastic.”

The feel of Reign’s mouth against his tongue, dancing with his didn’t feel wrong. Instead it felt incredibly delicious and tantalizing. A nervous chuckle started in his throat, but he swallowed it, replacing it with a moan.

Reign whispered against his lips. “Here’s to getting your life tonight.”

His cock throbbed against Reign’s leg, and Reign laughed, low and sexy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. And I don’t bite.” He licked the side of his ear.

“Unless you ask me to.”



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12 thoughts on “Reign Over Me – A tasty treat to warm parts due south Cold Nights, Hot Reads Blog Hop”

  1. To be 100% honest, stories about 2 men just aren’t my thing, so I’ll put this one in the “interesting” category for now. Thank you for taking part in the blog hop! 😀

  2. Holy moly! That was so hot!! Reign feels really intense! I want more! Thank you for sharing the teaser! And a teaser, it is!

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