Mistaken Idenity III by Sylvia Hubbard


Genre: Romance Suspense/Erotic Thriller

Elena knew she wanted something different… she needed something different, but aside from the dreams she had of past wicked events, she couldn’t put her finger on her true hearts’ desire.

That is until she found herself meeting Pholsom Todd. A rich millionaire who needed her expertise in his business and her body in his bed. A man determined to get what he wanted and what he wanted was Elena.

Unbeknowing to Elena, Pholsom’s plans for her life, her body and her heart had already been planned a long time ago.

Will she be ready for what is to come?

Or die getting what she desires?

Mistaken Identity Three: The Perfect Woman for them is a MFM series, where desire doubles in pleasure. Take a wild ride on the edge of the imagination of AwardWinning, Bestselling Author, Sylvia Hubbard.



The dream returned again.

She was where she wasn’t supposed to be, but the temptation was just too great for an eighteen year old girl bored to death and tired of being secluded in her home as if she was a prisoner.

Walking backwards, desperately trying not to cause her brother to notice her and tell their mother, she pressed her back in the bushes to slip through to the neighbor’s yard. Mr. Bradshaw kept a clean yard compared to her hoarding mother and she had just seen him drive away.

He was a very private man, but his extraordinary handsomeness had caught her eyes immediately when he had moved in two months ago. According to her brother, Mr. Bradshaw had just won the lottery and had gone from homelessness to housing in one short week. He’d bought the house next door and fixed it up. Something about being raised in this neighborhood when he was a boy and wanted to return to help out, but the beggars and strangers constantly knocking on his door made him into a recluse. When she had seen him, he was always in his backyard gardening.

Usually she watched him from her bedroom window in the back of the house. Always feeling like Rapunzel in her tower, she would spend hours just watching him documenting in her journal on Mr. Bradshaw and his curious tendencies to spend hours gardening.

He was tall; Six and a half feet and brawny.

I promise never to be attracted to a handsome man.

This was her proclamation since her father’s suicide. She never wanted to go through the torture her mother had suffered.

Yet, she couldn’t stop looking at Mr. Bradshaw. Albeit, older … (at least twenty years her elder), he was still a very handsome black man that she couldn’t stop looking at, desperately wanting to get a closer look at or find out some more information about.

So when the opportunity to climb in his home through an open window from her backyard presented itself, she took the initiative and made it happen.

Her skinny strong legs hoisted her up and inside. To her surprise, she didn’t knock anything down in her blindness, but she did end up bumping hard on her butt to the floor. The curtains were dark and only let a little light in, but she was able to move around the large pieces of furniture.

Her heart was racing, but curiosity was forcing her to keep going despite the fear racing through her veins.

The place was immaculate! Something out of a high end store catalogue almost untouched by humans.

Picking up a pillow on the couch, she pressed her nose to smell the essence of man. Her senses were aroused completely and she looked toward the stairs bathed in complete darkness, but her soul was drawn to venture up there.

Just as she put her foot on the stairs, she thought she saw in her peripheral vision a shadow coming from the way she came, but when she looked back down the hallway no one was there.

Had her brother followed her?

“Vick?” she called out softly.

The essence of fresh fallen rain surrounded her and she was positive the scent was coming from upstairs and she wanted to see where the strong scent was coming from.

Gripping the banister, she stepped upstairs into the darkness holding her hands out. Her heart rate seemed to go faster, but she was also drawn up the steps.

Just as she reached the top of the stairs, she was grabbed from behind and pressed against the wall. “Breaking and entering is a serious offense, little girl,” a hard voice hissed in her ear as a large body pressed against the back of her holding her in place.

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~About the Author~

Detroit native, Sylvia Hubbard, a single mother of three, has worked tirelessly to promote and encourage emerging writers in Michigan. She independently published her first romance novel in 2000 and has continued to write in that genre, sometimes venturing into other sub-genres. Always urban and contemporary styled, her writing is enjoyed all over the world. She has published 8 paperbacks and over 30 e-books.

The same year she published, Ms Hubbard also created Motown Writers Network to fill the lack of education and networking for Michigan authors online and offline. By 2004, she was frustrated that all the literary conferences had moved too far away from the city and co-created The Essence of Motown Literary Jam Conference held only in the City of Detroit annually.

In addition to romance writing, Hubbard has been featured at various conferences and workshops all over the United States and Canada, where she has taught authors how to sell their books on the Internet. She also published Internet Marketing for Writers & Businesses as a resource for those unable to attend her workshops. In the upcoming year, she will be featured in several anthologies and plans to publish additional e-books.+

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