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happy holidays! christmas has always been one of my fav times of the year. i love how the weather changes and the holiday music is playing all the time. catching up with friends and family is always fun, and of course we can’t forget presents!

d205811676195396a9cc77b66a3266bfe53025dbso what better time to snuggle up with a good book! one of my new favorite authors has to be megan martin and her “filthy” series. if you haven’t had the chance to check out this serial erotic novella series you are missing out.

while not for the faint of heart due to the subject matter, this is truly one of the best series i have read in a long time. here’s the link to check it out:

happy holidays! and in the meantime, check out an excerpt from my newest release in the give and receive erotic romance series, give and keep. i’m giving one lucky commenter a free copy so make sure you leave a comment below: What is your favorite part of the holiday?

Give and Keep

She couldn’t stand the silence, and cleared her throat.

“You uh….Got tired of waiting, huh.”

“Something like that.”

Tyler attempted to preserve some of her dignity, covering her body with his.

“Danny, it’s not-”

“Don’t bother, Ty.” Lena sighed, moving away from him. Groaning uncontrollably in protest as she disengaged herself from Tyler’s intimate embrace. She turned around, adjusting her pants.

“If there’s anyone who’s going to talk it’s going to be me.”

She faced Danny directly. With a forced confidence and nerve she didn’t feel.

She coughed.

“Once again, you catch me with my pants down. This time literally.”

Danny folded his arms looking…not angry.

In fact…she couldn’t figure out what the hell he was thinking.

“So I’m listening. This ought to be good.”

Lena began to fidget. Looking nervously at Tyler.

“Well, it all started when I, that is we-”

“Yes?” He arched his right eyebrow, inclining his head.

“Well fuck, I don’t know what happened. One minute I was with you, and the next minute-”

“You were fucking Ty in the bathroom.” He supplied.

“Does that about cover it?”

“Probably.” She smiled weakly.

“Is it worth mentioning, we’re not officially boo’d up just yet?”

Her attempt at a joke.

Tyler watched the whole exchange in silence.

Looking back and forth between them.

Everyone, in fact, was silent for what seemed like eons.

“No, you’re absolutely right, L. We didn’t promise each other anything. But you didn’t give me enough credit, sweetheart.”

Lena looked confused. Inclining her head in question.

“Ummmm. I didn’t?”

“Meaning,” Danny said, locking the bathroom door. “If you wanted both him and me, all you had to do was ask.” He turned around, walking toward her.

“Never say I don’t give a woman what she wants.”

He glanced at Ty, as something silently passed between them.


Danny finally stepped up.

Lena felt like she had walked into the middle of a movie, and missed the first scene. Danny and Ty knew more about the movie than either of them was telling.

She looked at Danny.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to know you’re beautiful when being fucked.”

Lena’s eyes widened. Nipples immediately puckering in response.

Her breath caught in her throat. “Oh.”

“Oh, indeed.”

Ty looked at them both.

“By the way, just in case you forget.” Ty grabbed her, curling his hand around her neck possessively. Yanking her lips to his as his eyes met Danny’s.

He kissed her, brutally sucking her lip into his mouth. Biting down until her blood flavored his tongue. She blinked.

“I um. Ok. So that’s a thing happening too.”

Ty put his finger to her mouth, shushing her.

“Anybody ever say you talk too much?”

He walked her over to the massive, giant, four poster bed. Sinking back into the plush, yet firm, king sized mattress. Dragging her pants down halfway around her hips before pulling her down on top of him, her back nestled against his chest. She turned around, seeing his gaze colliding with Danny’s once again.

He ground into her, cock grazing over the pucker of her bottom, still slick with his semen. Never breaking eye contact with Danny.

What was it neither of them were saying?

She felt his ever-growing erection, once again, as he slid his penis deep inside her ass, its thickness still making her shift with the sudden invasion. She didn’t have time to think, to prepare, to even move.

She was forced, all the way down on his thick, heavily veined, cock. It was different, sitting on him this way. She felt him more. Harder. Thicker.

There was pain. But pleasure, too. So much pleasure. It made her dizzy.

“Oh my god. Ty.” She moaned. He fill her completely. Deeper than before. Pussy tingling in response. Sighing at the multitude of sensations. “You feel so fucking big. Still. What are you doing to me?” Lena’s body fired up, getting heated once more.

“Shut up. Enjoy. In that order.” He adjusted himself, sliding his hands around to part her thighs as Danny reached them, crawling onto the bed like a predatory beast. Sinking back to his knees, yanking her pants and underwear down further. His mouth found her pussy and he licked, urgent with his need to finally taste her flesh.

She was hot, dampened with fluids not entirely hers.

She suspected Danny knew that as he lapped at her, pausing to break eye contact with Ty to find hers. So much hidden in the depths of those strange, haunted eyes.

Answers she might not be ready for now.

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10 thoughts on “Christmas Wonder Giveaway Hop #ChristmasWonderHop”

  1. My favorite part of the holiday is driving around town and seeing all the lights and decorations that people have put up. I live in a small apartment and have two naughty cats that break a lot of things so I am not really able to decorate inside or outside. However, I love seeing what other people did and maybe one day if I own a house and my cats have mellowed out, I will be able to put up some decorations myself. Also, I really enjoyed reading the excerpt, I will have to add this book to my “to-read” list. Happy holidays! Thanks,

  2. My favorite part of the holiday is visiting with family and friends. Thanks for the great giveaway. Happy Holidays!

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