Author Spotlight – Jacintha Topaz

Author Spotlight – Jacintha Topaz

Roped In – Author Jacintha Topaz Speaks

AA: Thank you, Jacintha, for gracing my blog again with your BDSM MFF menage erotic romance serial. HAWT cover, by the way! Please tell us more about this new installment, Purr Scent 4: The Mastered.

JT: Thank you for hosting me again! 🙂 First off, because it is a serial, readers will lose out if you read out of order. So do yourself a favor and read the first book and see if you are curious enough about the characters (and can stand my writing and storytelling style) to bear with me for the rest of the installments! 🙂

With that disclaimer aside, let’s see… A lot happens in this fourth installment, including the revelation of a few different things already hinted at in the first few books. So if you choose to read this book first, well, you’ll spoil it for yourself if you didn’t read the first few books first. So again, I’m warning you, do yourself a favor and check out the first book (it’s a freebie, so no excuses!).

AA: Now, I’m really curious! What has been going on in the story up to this point?

JT: Without spoiling it for the readers, the first installment allows readers to see into the world of how the MaleDom tops. Clark Mannings is a visiting executive who has had his eyes set on Mariah Olsen for two years. Without contract in hand, he devises a way to take her in her own office. The whole book is about how he tops her and is MF in scope.

The second installment is when Mariah escapes her daily humdrum life and meets the FemDom, Britta Akerman, an executive by day who moonlights as a Domme by night. Readers who appreciate FF may enjoy this book more.

The third installment is where we witness Britt topping Mariah. This installment is strongly FF, although Clark does meet up with them.

So that catches us up to the fourth installment!

AA: Lol. Do tell us more already!

JT: I wish I could tell you more, because it was hard for me to get the characters to deliver more than they were ready to do so. I had expected them to be further along in their relationship by now….


(1) every scene I left in the book was necessary to the development of the story (yes, I’ve excluded extraneous scenes that may end up in a Purr Scent 6—shh, that’s totally based on fan base, if enough people tell me they want to hear more about the characters), and

(2) Purr Scent 4 is the longest installment at 26,000 words when the PurrScent4CoverGRprior two installments were both at 21,000 words each;

I still didn’t get them to a place where the threesome could consciously (meaning, preplanned) participate in a scene together with two Doms topping their submissive. In fact, Purr Scent 4: The Mastered ends in a way where I’m left open-mouthed and banging my head on the keyboard as an author. I’m screaming: How the heck are they expecting me to pull their story together by the end of

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