It’s finally here!! Book 2 of Fallen Angel released today!

The long awaited release of Book 2 in the Fallen Angel series.

FA1 vs 3Blurb:

She never expected her life to unfold this way…but who said life was fair?

Running from a lifetime of pain and torment, Jess’s dream of making it big was becoming less and less of a reality. Falling victim to the tempting vices always present in the world she lived in now, she was sinking further in the abyss…
Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

In love with a man as dangerous and as complicated as they come. Nick Roman.

Very married.

Very out of her league.

Very impossible for her to stay away from…

Nick knew he needed to let her go. His life was messed up enough as it was without her being in it. His business was harsh, grimy and always thirsty. There was no room for her, or the pain in her eyes. But she was necessary to him. He refused to give her up…

An addiction neither of them could kick, no matter what the cost.

Enemies and bitter hostilities continue to build around them, as lovers and spouses hang on with a vice like grip, refusing to let go. Their passion was all-consuming, risky, life threatening…

Would it destroy everything and everyone around them as well?

Fallen Angel, Part 2


“Is he busy, Angel?”

“Nah. You can go in. Knock first.”

She tapped lightly on the door. A part of her praying he wouldn’t hear the knock. She was about to lose her nerve, then heard him.


His voice. Hearing it made her heart pound. Practically jumping out of her chest.

“Nick, it’s me. Jess. Is it ok to come in?”

“Come on in, kid.”

“Um…you busy?” She poked her head around the side of the door. She didn’t go inside. Afraid of what might, or more precisely, what would happen if she did.

“Not if you consider watching Scooby Doo being busy.”

She laughed. “Scooby Doo?”

“Lots of life lessons in Scooby Doo, kid. You should give it a chance. Come in. Shut the door.”

She walked into the office. No backing out now.

“Wanna sit?”

“I’d rather stand.”

“That’s an interesting dress, kid.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means it’s interesting.”

“Interesting how?”

“I’m sure you didn’t come here to discuss your dress.”

“You brought it up.” She sounded exasperated. “Never mind.”

Nick chuckled. “What’s up, kid?”

“We need to talk. You know…about what happened.”

“Right now?”

“Yes. Logically. And right now.” Nick leaned back in his chair.

Grinning one of the sexiest grins she had ever seen.

She paused. Focusing on his pouty, lower lip.

“This can’t wait until later, when we’re alone?”

She blinked. Distracted.

“I’m sorry, what?”

Nick smiled patiently and waited.

“Did I miss something? We are alone.”

He nodded toward the door. Jess turned to see Angel sitting in a chair. She never even heard him come in. He winked at her and waved. She turned back, rolling her eyes and dismissing him.

“I need to say this before I lose my nerve. And we both know what will happen once we’re alone.”

“So. Say what’s on your mind.”

“Whatever the fuck this crazy, irrational thing is. That’s what’s on my mind, Nick. Fuck, you’re married.”

“I’m well aware of that fact.”


And, in regards to the crazy, irrational thing between us. It was pretty fucking amazing last night, wasn’t it?”

“Amazing doesn’t begin to describe it. But that’s not the point.”

“What is the point, kid?”

“It shouldn’t have happened. It won’t happen again.”

“It will happen again.”

“We are logical, intelligent…”

“I’d like to think so.”

“Completely incompatible.”


“We have to learn to ignore the attraction.”

“You can learn to do that?” He motioned for Angel to leave the office.

“Come on, Nick. I’m trying to be serious.”

He got up, walking to her. Placing his hands around her waist. Her breathing quickened at his touch. “You want me to learn to ignore this?” He whispered the words against her lips. Backing her against the wall. God he was big.

“We need to umm…ignore.”

“Right.” He brushed his lips against hers, gripping her ass.

“We can learn, Nick.” She draped her arms around his neck, pulling him further down to her.

“Apparently we can’t.”

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