Fright Night Blog Hop – Stephen King: The Master of Horror

in celebration of the fright night hop, i thought i would spend a little time talking about the master himself, stephen king. i grew up reading him and to me, he remains at the top of any list of truly scary, well written books that quite frankly still scare the shit outta me.

whether its the apocalyptic book, the stand with the deliciously evil randall flagg, or the hero’s journey with a twist aka the talisman, he managed to live out everyone of my horrific fantasies, some i didn’t even know i had. and who could forget the absolute mind fuck of gerald’s game? *shudders* i STILL have nightmares about that shit.

so without further adieu, here is my list my top 5 favorite, scariest, stephen king books:

the stand
the talisman
gerald’s game
pet sematary
*bonus – the dark tower series (it’s just……everything)

so what are your all time stephen king favs? let me know!  One commenter will win a $5.00 gift card to Amazon.

Now a sweet treat from me =)


Young, talented, ambitious. Wild.

Three friends, who struggled for fortune and fame, have finally found themselves thrust into mega-stardom.

What is right if there is no wrong…

For Ty, Lena and Danny, they’re about to find out as they cross the boundaries from all things safe to an arena testing love, friendship and loyalty. An arena that’s forbidden, taboo…and oh so tempting.

They’re riding hard and fast in a world where sex, money, love and rock & roll are all a game of give & receive, where any wish can be granted if you just ask…

Open, honest and raw, this is a rare glimpse of what happens behind the fortune and the fame, beyond the limelight, past the adulation and acclaim.

Welcome…to the real.


“What did you like most?” Ty’s voice was raspy, heated.

He couldn’t believe he was still coherent at this point.

Let alone forming complete sentences.

All he could think of was burying his face between her thighs. Savoring and tasting the sweet nectar of her pussy. He wanted to lap up every bit of her scorching wetness he felt through the fabric of his pants.

He wasn’t sure how much longer he could play this game.

Thank god she designed the place with all of this in mind. Naturally dark, with a fantasy element, appealing to those who wanted to…indulge a little further, yet still maintain their privacy. Simply put, you didn’t see anyone unless they wanted to be seen.

He would bet money she never expected to be the main attraction.

“I love the way it made me feel. In control. Powerful. It was like…” She was breathless now, trailing off.

Becoming lost in Danny’s eyes again. They drilled into her soul with a fiery intensity. Intimidating and terrifying.

Feeling Ty beneath her while Danny watched, was driving her crazy insane.

“Like what, baby…tell me what it was like.”

Ty pressed her hips down on top of him. Sliding his hips in a rocking motion.

“It was like…riding a dick. Setting the pace. Controlling the flow. Oh god…Did I say that out loud? Ty…what in hell are you doing to me?”

Ty slid his hands under her ass. Unzipping his jeans far enough so that beautiful, thick cock sprang free. He hitched up her skirt from the back so she wasn’t exposed in the front. Pulling her back down. Almost all in one movement.

They were flesh to flesh. Skin to skin.

Nothing separating them but free will.

He was but mere inches from being fully sheathed inside of her.

“What am I doing?” Ty murmured, repeating her question.

His mouth brushed her bare back. Shoving aside the strap of the skimpy top she wore. His lips blazed a path down her spine. Pausing, licking the salty taste of her skin to his mouth.

“I’m making it good for you, sweetheart.”

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33 thoughts on “Fright Night Blog Hop – Stephen King: The Master of Horror”

  1. I love the Master of Monsters and all things scary! I have to go with his classics: Cycle of the Werewolf (best werewolf story ever), Pet Sematary, Salem’s Lot, Christine and Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Sneakers is my fav). 🙂

  2. I haven’t ever read Stephen King, but he’s on my list. I’m not a fan of horror, but he’s such a classic that I feel like I should give his books a shot at some point.

  3. I could list alllll of Stephen King’s books because they are amazing! I really liked the collection of four short stories called Full Dark, No Stars. All four stories terrified me!

    morwesong AT yahoo DOT com

  4. My favorite Stephen King books are The Shining, The Stand, and It. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. I’ve never read Stephen King before, because after watching IT at a slumber party in elementary school I had nightmares for weeks. I might give his work a try one day now that I am older. Happy Halloween to you and thank you for the giveaway!

    cammminbookland AT gmail DOT com

  6. I love Thinner, Dreamcatcher, and Riding The Bullet.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  7. I still love It and Bag of Bones by Stephen King…..and Talisman!

    Happy Halloween and thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  8. I’ve actually never read a Stephen King novel… *blushes* I’ve seen The Shining, but that’s about it. Email is smilesXalumniYcmuYedu, x is @ and y are dots

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