Author Interview of Jacintha Topaz

What do you do for fun?
Besides shacking IT up with hubby and having to deal with the consequences of three little terrors on the loose, why I suppose I’m a
sucker for more “fun.” If I can’t do it in real life (come on, kids really cut into our regular schedule), I suppose I can succumb to the
guilty pleasure of writing about IT?

How would your neighbors describe you?
My neighbors would deem that I’m the innocent stay-at-home mother next door. Little do they know what happens behind closed
doors and open laptops. Never mind what kinds of sites I peruse to “research” for my material…

If you were given One Billion dollars and had 24 hours to spend it and return whatever is left over if there is any,
what would you do with it?
I’d invest the rest of it in sex ed and its partner health ed. Seriously, the teens these days are still given the message of
abstinence is the best form of contraceptive. The whole system needs to be revamped. Plus, after eighteen years of
age, training should include models that would actually “come” so people can practice their oral skills. How hard could
it be to create a plastic model that would squirt if you gave it the right stimuli?

If you were an animal in a Zoo, what would you be and why?
I heard pigs have the longest orgasms, but I’ve never seen a pig at the zoo before. I see them at the farm. So I’ll settle with the
elephants, because they have a very long trunk that can reach and blow.

Why didn’t you marry your neighbor?
My neighbor was too uptight, screwed, and married anyway.

What song best describes your writing?
Don’t know about any particular song. However, I think the band Cold Play describes it best since ice play is part of BDSM.

What Kitchen utensil would you be?
Spatula with slots—those hurt more. Holes for holes, all pun intended. 😉

How many books have you authored so far? And how do you plan to write in the next 100 years?
I’ve authored three novellas so far. I plan to complete the rest in the series. In the next 100 years, I’m still planning to
write novella-style. I like the form. I’m not obligated to write a long book and stick to it until I reach a certain minimum
word count. With the novella format, I can write as long as the story needs to be told. Truth be told, I’m not sure I’ll be
around in 5 years, after my little terrors all enter primary school. I mean, why write if you can do the real thing? Unless
I get into writing paranormal stuff—that I can’t do in real life. Hmm, answering this question just gave me some ideas
for those 95 years after—if I stick to the writing thing.

How long will you stay a writer?
As long as I live. OMG—I sound like I’m getting married! Am I cheating then? Shh! Don’t tell hubby.

Without mentioning the names of your book(s), Please describe your ideal reader (this can include age, sex,
occupation, hobbies… literary anything).
My ideal reader has bared canines devouring my content with the enthusiastic aid of a lush tongue. Your sex doesn’t
matter, as long as you have one. Must be financially stable enough to be able to buy my smut and literate enough to
read it. As long as your hobbies include one-handed reading, you’re welcome to add me to your Goodreads shelf or
friend me there. 🙂

On a scale of one to ten, rate the person reading this interview. Justify your score.
Ten, because I need all hands on deck … and ass. Up.

Any wise words for the reader? What would you like to say to the person reading your page?
Horse around—ride in style. Life’s too short to be kicked in the rear or kicked back.

Convince the reader to get your book now!
I’ve been told by a reader and a fellow erotica author that my stuff is the some of the best “damn erotica” that’s been
written. Want to taste test? Then get your own copy and see for yourself. 🙂 Tell you what, if you buy it, read it, like it
and post a raving review of your verified purchase, I’ll gift you the next book in the novella series free. Just paste a link
to your Amazon Verified Purchase Review when you shoot me an email via Facebook or Goodreads. You can find my
social network links here: Sorry, I don’t list my email online. Too tempting for spammers
to send me Viagra ads or phishing porn sites. 😦

Please respond to these two statements
a) Your book(s) suck!
Mmm, yes! Suck on this. Lower, please. Ah, yesss. Deeper…

b) Your book(s) are awesome. They are the best I have read in 20 years!
Pimp for me and I’ll give you more, MUCH more.

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