Character Interview of Liam from One Night in San Francisco-Cass Peterson

Hello – I’m Cass Peterson and I’m here to introduce you to the hero of my brand new novella, One Night in San Francisco. I’m going to let you hear about him straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.  He’s usually got quite a lot to say for himself but if you were looking at him face to face, I have to tell you that his smouldering dark brown eyes would be so distracting that you’d struggle to listen properly. Here goes – you’re lucky he’s not in the same room as you, trust me.

Q: Is that a slight Irish accent I detect, Liam? It’s very sexy, if you don’t mind me saying?

Liam: I’m originally from County Cork but I’m a Londoner now. Glad you like it – women often comment on it, for some reason.

Q: So, Liam – tell us about your reasons for flying to one of the most exciting cities in the world?

Liam: Well, it was primarily business that brought me here in the first place, but I would move here in a heartbeat if I had the chance, so pleasure’s a big part of it too. I’m a literary agent and I specialise in crime fiction. My biggest client has got a deal with a top publisher here – Taylor, James and Hanson (TJH) – and I need to make sure the whole thing is foolproof. This is our big break. I could even end up relocating if it all goes to plan!

Q: Are you looking for a relationship right now? Is there a significant other in your life?

Liam: That’s a leading question, but no, I’m not with anyone. I had a bit of a thing going with a girl in the TJH head office but she wasn’t for me … I don’t kiss and tell so you’ll excuse me if I leave it there … but hey, I met a gorgeous woman on the plane, so watch this space.

Q: Tell us more!

Liam: (blushes) She was … erm … well, amusing herself under her blanket when she thought everyone was asleep. It was the filthiest, most erotic thing in the world to see.

Q: And then? Is there more?

Liam: I can’t reveal more than that; I’m a gentleman! Let’s just say I can’t wait to see her again. I’m off to find her now, so we’ll see what happens. She’s beautiful – petite, fiesty, with a wonderful cloud of dark curly hair. She might be the woman I’ve been looking for all my life. I just have to find her. So, if you’ll excuse me …. thanks for the interview.

One Night in San FranciscoExcerpt:

Finally full, we both pushed the remains of our shattered loaves away. ‘If I don’t stop now, I’ll explode,’ Liam said. ‘Shall we go and walk? I feel more like sleeping, but the day’s too good to waste in bed.’ He caught my eye and grinned. ‘Or at least this next part of it – we might change our minds about that quite soon.’

I laughed. Stretching luxuriously I felt a rare sense of complete happiness. Who cared what happened tomorrow if today was so perfect? Sunshine, sparkling water, a wonderful lunch, a bit too much wine … but best of all, a man who’d been worth all the searching and worry. But even as I relaxed, an unwelcome thought popped into my mind.

‘Nicky? What’s up?’ Liam had been watching me and saw the shadow cross my face.

‘Oh, nothing … let’s get going before I nod off,’ I said hastily. I would NOT waste today. I’d deal with my other issues later. A small voice inside my head whispered ‘yes, but will you be able to satisfy him if you can’t let go in bed?’ I stifled it. So I hadn’t been able to come when Simon and I were actually in the throes of sex … surely it was enough to be able to have amazing orgasms like the one he’d given me on the plane? Warmth spread between my legs and up through my whole body as my clit throbbed into action again. I wriggled in my seat.

‘You okay, sweetheart?’ Liam asked, frowning slightly.

I made myself do my biggest smile. ‘Yep. Ready when you are. Let’s go and see this bridge – it can’t possibly be as spectacular as they say, surely?’

The distraction did the trick and Liam began to tell me how wonderful the view from the Golden Gate Bridge was, at sunrise, at sunset, any time of day or night. I sighed blissfully. This was the way life should be. We left the diner and hailed a passing cab.

‘See? That was meant to be – you can never get a ride so quickly usually. Today’s going our way from now on,’ said Liam. We climbed into the back of the car and watched the now familiar street sail by, passing my hotel and winding our way around the coast road. I hoped he was right. I knew the next part would be good, but what about when we got back to the hotel? What about bedtime?


Nicky and Liam have only twenty four short hours to find out if their instantaneous attraction can develop into something more than an electric mile-high fumble. San Francisco has everything they need to put their previous disastrous relationships behind them but when they lose touch with each other almost immediately, fate seems to have other ideas. As the precious hours tick away, Liam moves heaven and earth to find the woman of his (filthiest) dreams before she leaves the city. Will he get to her in time?

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Author Bio:

Cass Peterson is passionate about many things; her family, writing, chocolate, wine, cake, curry, gin, sunlit beaches, moonlit bedrooms and good novels to name but a few. At the moment she spends a good chunk of her time working on the day job, but she tries to fit the other passions in as often as possible.

She is a cat lover, an all-weather walker, a reader and reviewer of contemporary romance and an enthusiastic cook.

Cass likes to laugh, especially at Bill Bailey, Victoria Wood, Michael Palin and Eddie Izzard. She would happily live next door to any of these comedians.
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