It’s Finally Here!!!!! *Squeals* – Alisa Anderson Presents: Erotic Edibles – Vol. 1

Erotic EdiblesV2psAnd only 18 months late. *grins*

Oh…shaddup. It’s here. That’s all that matters. Maybe.

Look. I’m sorry I’m a loser slacker that takes forever and a damn day to do shit. I’m working it out in therapy and I promise. I will do better. For you. *hangs head in shame*

But I digress.


We tried to spice it up by giving you some mood music from the book itself. One of my favorite tracks (for obvious reasons, tee hee), called “Trois.”

I kinda liked it.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Here’s my spiel.


Erotic bites to tease, provoke, delight and nibble on…​

Sexy words to take to bed with a lover…or two…or not. Who says you can’t ride solo? Take your pick. ​
Poetry on love, sex, longing and lust will leave you positively breathless with anticipation. Taking you on a sensual, spiritual journey you won’t soon forget.

Poems that tease, provoke and delight your senses until you finally give in to temptation, leaving your inhibitions at the door…​

Poems inspired by the Romance Novella Series, Give and Receive

Go on. I dare you.
And don’t worry.
I won’t tell if you won’t. (winks)


Now don’t you get me wrong
You know I like the things you do
It’s just sometimes I think about
How much fun I’d have with two
And it’s because you love me

I know you’ll grant this one request
You’ll find the answer to the mystery
You’ll find the one who does it best

We don’t have to do anything
That you don’t want to do, oh no
But when you think about it, just be real
And think of how far you want to go

Then think of what you know turns me on
I’ll be a voyeur for a while
And you can do those things to him, on and on
And I’ll just watch you with a smile

Let’s leave the rules outside
In here I don’t want to hide
It doesn’t matter what they think or say
Let’s just do this our own way.

No other body has to know
Nobody matters but you and me
The only thing I care about
Is this dessert party of three

And he can tease me from the top
While you make sure the well ain’t dry
And he can hold my arms, lock and key
As you move in between the thighs

And you know what happens next
I know you want to touch and try
You want to take the big leap and taste
I know you want to learn to fly

If what you want is so forbidden
Then leave the place that tells you no
And don’t worry about offending me
Because I just wanna watch the show

Let’s leave the rules outside
In here I don’t want to hide
It doesn’t matter what they think or say
Let’s just do this our own way

What is pleasure without the force of pain?
What is satisfaction if the hunger remains?
What is rest if the soul cannot find sleep?
What is happiness if the heart still weeps?

What is right if you decide there is no wrong?
Where does love end and torture resume the song?
Who can say you can’t drink from the spill of seed?
Who can cast stones if the world is full of evil and greed?

Here we are…
This is right now…and this is all there is.

Approaching the grand finale
Finishing with my partners in crime
Getting ready for the big event, you see
We’re so totally glorious sublime

You can go where I know you want to go
And you can stay where I know you want to stay
You’ve been inside the portals of the open door
So I don’t have to show you the way

And it will be burned inside your memory
To think about this night and everything that came to be
And between us, in the chambers of secrecy
Is where the caged bird sings and waits to be freed

Let’s leave the rules outside
In here I don’t want to hide
It doesn’t matter what they think or say
Let’s just do this our own way.

And when we’re done we can go back from whence we came
But you will never forget and you won’t be the same
And you can walk your own path of righteousness
But you can call to confess that again you want to be blessed

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