Sinful Sunday Book Reviews – Devlin’s Dare by Sabrina York

sabrinaWhat a smoking, steamy, awesome read! Another great one from Sabrina York. Also important to note here, unlike a lot of the crap and sludge in the market, you are ACTUALLY getting a great plot to boot. that’s always a winner in my book.

We also see Devlin struggle with his contradictory emotions concerning his twin brother, and the realization that while his brother might have lost his legs, it didn’t make it impossible to live his life with purpose and determination.

Devlin and Tara are well matched, and the chemistry is evident from the very beginning. There is an attraction there from the very beginning and both characters have similar issues with relationships and a deep fear of commitment. But you also get to see what can happen when you take a chance and trust someone with your heart and let your guard down. Yes, it’s a scary feeling, and yes, of course you can get hurt, but when it pays off, boy do you get the big reward. Unconditional love.

**DISCLAIMER** Scha-mokin’ hot book provided by uber cool publisher for completely shameless plug…I mean…um, honest review. Additional snark provided freely, and at no extra charge. =0)

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