Truth from Fiction #CameronSkye #FallenAngel

When writing a semi-autobiographical book, you start to wonder how much is too much to tell.  Where do you draw the line in what you share?  I’ve asked myself those question often when co-writing Fallen Angel.

Alisa kept telling me I had a story to tell and finally talked me into sharing it.   The thought of actually putting my life on paper, let alone sharing it with a wide audience was absolutely terrifying. To actually let people into my personal life seemed almost voyeuristic in many ways.

I’ve fought for many years to put Jess behind me and I’ve kept my story to myself in fear of judgment.   We’ve all been there…those happily waiting to remind you of the person you were in your past. Always throwing up your past mistakes.   Ignoring the person you’ve became because they are uncomfortable with letting go of an image you did so many years ago.

Maybe that’s why I chose to share the stories I did when writing Fallen Angel.  I believe the events shared are my way of taking back my story and owning it. No longer being ashamed of who I was but embracing that young girl looking for love and acceptance wherever she could and never really finding it. Realizing she helped make me into who I am today.

A woman who after many setbacks in her life, will graduate college and work toward her Ph.D.  A woman who still after everything believes in a happily ever after.

Speaking of happily ever after, I was recently asked if the person behind Nick Roman is still the love of my life.  The answer to that question is yes.  I realized just how much so in writing this book.   Maybe we will get our happily ever after one day…who knows.

Right now my only hope is that you enjoy the ride as much as I did.  Have fun trying to separate truth from fiction. =)

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Look for Fallen Angel, Book Two to be released soon!


Check out Alisa’s other books – Give and Receive and Give and Take, Books I and II in her Give and Receive Series.  Book III, Give and Keep to be released the end of May.

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