My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop: #Tyler Malone from #Give and Receive #giveaway

Blog BannerWhat can I say about my favorite book boyfriend Tyler Malone? He’s frustrating, annoying, drives anyone within a five foot radius absolutely insane, and is sexy personified. He is also loyal to a fault and would do anything for the people he cares about.

It must be why he and Lena are best friends. They know come hell or high water they always have each other’s backs, regardless. I wrote Ty the way I would want my real life man to be. Strong, but vulnerable. Completely alpha but at the same time, able to give me my way when I need him to. Which would pretty much be all the time, of course. *grins*

He’s everything I would dream the perfect man would be. Completely flawed, and completely loveable because of those flaws. Human. Male. Oh yes….all male.

This scene sums up why I love Ty to a capital T:

“And what would she think about you making decisions for her, Ty? The Lena we both know and love would skin you alive.”

Ty laughed in amusement. “She’s more than worth the risk.”

He leaned in, gesturing for Danny to come closer. “Trust me. I know.”

Danny’s fist clenched, the double meaning hitting home, resisting the urge to punch him in his smug, cocky little face.

“What are you worried about, Ty? Somehow she’ll choose me, over you?”

“Hell, I’m not worried. You on the other hand, might want to be concerned. See, the difference is, I’m not requiring her to make a choice. I’ll take whatever I’m lucky enough to be blessed with where she’s concerned, even if that means putting up with you.”

He gestured to the bartender for a beer.

“Can you say the same?”

If you like what you’ve read thus far, Give and Take is available at the following locations:


Amazon | Barnes and Nobles| iTunes

Make sure to leave a comment on the blog.  We are giving away a free copy of Give and Take to one lucky commenter.   Also, make sure to enter for the grand prize giveaway.  You can do so here via  Rafflecopter

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15 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend Blog Hop: #Tyler Malone from #Give and Receive #giveaway”

  1. Give and Take sounds like a fantastic read…and Ty sounds like my kind of book boyfriend!

    Thanks for the amazing excerpt & giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

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