author interview with Cassandra Carr

Cassandra Carr is a multi-award winning romance writer. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out online. Cassandra’s books have won numerous “Best Book Of” awards and her novella Unexpected Top was nominated in the E-book Erotic Romance category of RT’s Reviewers’ Choice Awards.

She thinks the best part of being a writer is how she writes about love and sex while most others struggle with daily commutes, micro-managing bosses and cranky co-workers. Her inspiration comes from everywhere, but she’d particularly like to thank the Buffalo Sabres, the hockey team near and dear to her heart.

For more information about Cassandra, check out her website, “like” her Facebook fan page or follow her on Twitter.

Describe your novel in seven words or less?

A BDSM relationship gets turned upside-down.

Favorite book?

Pride & Prejudice

Fictional crush?

John Thornton, North and South

Who is your favorite character that YOU have written?

Sebastian, the hero of the first book I ever wrote, Should’ve Known Better.

What inspired you to write your first book? Do you have a specific writing style? How did you come up with the title?

My mother told me “You should fictionalize your fanfic story and see if you can get it published.” My writing style has been called “concise”. I’m not sure that’s a compliment, lol. Awakening was the perfect title for a woman discovering BDSM and a man figuring out he doesn’t always have to be the strong one.

What was the last movie you went to see?

The Nut Job – at least in the theaters, that was the last one I saw. I also watched Frozen with my daughter, on the floor of a church community center. Let’s just say I’m too old to be doing stuff like that very often.

What type of person do you dislike most?

Adults who don’t act like grown-ups. I swear some adults have more tantrums than my five-year-old does. Also, people who don’t follow through on what they say they’re going to do. Being left in the lurch is a huge annoyance for me.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

It’s the longest book I’ve ever written, and I nicknamed it The Book That Would Never End. That should tell you all you need to know…

How many novels, short stories have you published?

I have around forty works published, from shorts all the way up to full-length books like Awakening.

When did you starting writing erotic fiction?

The second book I wrote was Talk to Me, which is erotic. That’s what I was reading at the time and it sounded fun to write.

Do you see body type as part of the character?

It can be, especially for a female character. One with big boobs might be perceived in a way she doesn’t want to be. Ditto for someone who’s overweight.

Is a polyamorous relationship just a fantasy or can it truly be successful?

It can be, sure. But it’s most definitely not easy. Perhaps the hardest part would be having it out in the open. So many people would judge you.

Talk about the first erotic story you wrote

That was Talk to Me. The entire book was based on the premise of being turned on by someone’s voice. In this case, a radio producer falls in lust (and then love) with the radio personality she’s working for. See? A tiny kernel can become an entire book!

Can anyone write erotic fiction?

No, and not everyone should. Most of us have sex (or there’d be no babies), but not everyone can describe the act without sounding ridiculous.

How did you learn to write good sex?

Read a lot. Strangely enough, one person who I think does great sex scenes is Lisa Kleypas in her historicals. I own every one and learned a ton from her.

What does indie publishing allow that traditional publishing does not, specifically with regards to erotic romance?

The chance to write something “outside the box”. Right now I’m revising a dark erotic trilogy to be released in the beginning of May (the Payment series) and I doubt any publisher would’ve gone for the story.

Do you like pushing the envelope?

I do. That doesn’t mean I do it a lot, but it’s fun to see what readers react to.

Tell us something that would surprise your readers, or something most people don’t know about you.

I’m actually pretty shy, and book signings are not one of my favorite activities. I feel like I sit there for hours with a smile plastered on my face, hoping someone will notice me. So if you’re at the RT book fair, come say hi! I’ll feel like less of a loser. 😉

How do you describe sex scenes and keep them from becoming repetitive?

Use a lot of different descriptions and adjectives. I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but I just read a group of five shorts by the same author, and she repeated three or four phrases multiple times.

Do you think it is best to call body parts by their anatomically correct names, or come up with euphemisms?

If the euphemism isn’t ridiculous it’s okay, but so many of them are that I tend to use the common way of saying something.

 Is there any additional info you would like to share with your readers about what’s next for you and your books?

*takes deep breath*

On May 1st a bundle of sports romance books called Heart of a Champion releases. On May 6th a trilogy of dark erotic (the Payment series) will come out.

On June 1st another bundle – the Occupational Hazards boxed set, will come out, as well as Scorin’ on the Fourth of July, which is part of a series of shorts called Red Hot & BOOM.

On August 1st my Decadent novella, Burning Love, will release as part of their Calendar Men series. On the 15th a male/male bundle, tentatively titled Boys Will Do Boys, is due out. There’s another MM bundle too, not sure of the release date.

There are other things too, but I think that’s enough to give you all a starting point. 😉

Where can readers stalk…um…I mean, find you?


Make sure to check out Awakening by Cassandra!

AwakeningBlurb: Vanessa Clark is doing a research paper for one of her last classes – Psychology of Sex – before receiving her Bachelors’ degree. Once she discovers the topic of BDSM, everything else pales in comparison. But where will she learn about it? The Internet has its limits, and Vanessa needs to talk to real-life practitioners of BDSM to really understand the lifestyle and write about it.

Will Astin, who serves as a dungeon master at a local BDSM club, doesn’t expect to find a gorgeous, irresistible young woman when he agrees to a meet and greet with a college student as a favor to the club’s owner. Even better, she’s interested in learning about BDSM for what he suspects are more than scholarly reasons, and Will decides he’s just the man to teach her about it, hopefully claiming her for his own.

Will and Vanessa begin a journey which teaches both of them there’s more to BDSM than meets the eye. In the process, they grow closer, but when Will’s job puts him in the line of fire – literally – their roles are reversed and Vanessa has to take charge. Can they handle the rapid shift in their burgeoning dynamic, or is their relationship doomed?

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