wow, here comes erotica! by michele drier

Things are sure changing on the sex front!

Those books and toys that used to get delivered in a plain brown wrapper with no return address are now getting sent to your Kindles and other eReaders with the touch of a “buy” button.

Well, the toys still arrive at your front door, but now the return address is Amazon Fulfillment Center. Hmmm…

I have to say that I didn’t pay much attention to the upsurge in written erotica before the advent of the eReader and ebook. This made writing for and buying erotica simple, painless and anonymous.

And with the explosion of the fanfic 50 Shades of Gray, BDSM hit the mainstream with the sugar surge of a cheap candy bar. Even your friendly neighborhood bookstore had a display of piles of it.

I’m trying to come to grips with this phenomena. Both as a reader and as a writer.

An acquaintance, a woman in one of my writers’ groups, looks like someone’s Granny. Matched sweater set, conservative skirt, pearls. Then she gets up to talk about her latest erotic book. When I see her with her husband, I wonder about fantasies.

And another woman I know has sold 500,000 books of her vampire erotica.

My biggest question isn’t “where did this come from?” but “How can I get in this?”

I write in two genres, traditional mysteries and paranormal romance. The mysteries, by their definition, don’t have much sex or violence. Sex scenes consist of “I woke up in Phil’s bed, wondering how I got here,” and “They raced each other upstairs.” These are racier than a lot of my friends write. Most of their characters don’t get near a flat surface, they settle for a chaste good-night kiss.

The paranormal romance series, The Kandesky Chronicles, on the other hand, is getting spicier. I have a following of YA readers, girls between thirteen and sixteen, so I’m still careful, but there are scenes like: “When I looked up, his eyes were darkening with lust and longing and his hands began pulling my blouse up. He found my bra, scooped one breast out, ran a thumb over my nipple and then leaned to put it in his mouth. It was a race to see who could undress me first.”

There are times when writing erotica looks appealing. These are when I check out the BDSM or Erotica sales rankings on Amazon. I’m in the mid-five-figure range and some of these authors are closing in on the Top 100.

Sex sells, and with erotica out of the closet, it’s a big market. I just wonder if I’m able to write it.

SNAP_WhiteNights_final (1)Book Seven of The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, SNAP: White Nights, was published March 20 and is available in ebook format at Amazon , B&N,  and Kobo,

my bio pixMichele Drier was born in Santa Cruz and is a fifth generation Californian. She’s lived and worked all over the state, calling both Southern and Northern California home.  During her career in journalism—as a reporter and editor at daily newspapers—she won awards for producing investigative series.

She writes the Amy Hobbes Newspaper mysteries and the six-book Kandesky Vampire Chronicles paranormal romance series, and has just published her ninth book, SNAP: White Nights. She’s working on the eighth book in the series, SNAP: All That Jazz, scheduled for publication in summer 2014.

14 thoughts on “wow, here comes erotica! by michele drier”

    1. Thanks so much for having me, Alisa! And I have to cop to the typo in All That Jazz! My fingers can’t always keep up with my brain!

      1. absolutely michele! and you know we thought that was the title, since thea could be a woman’s name, lmao!

        no worries! i just took care of it for you. 🙂 -alisa

  1. Okay, you got me and I had to come read the post! I’ve asked myself the same question, but when I’ve discussed it with friends who do write erotic romances, they look at me and roll on the floor in laughter. Then they tell me not to bother.
    Guess my brain isn’t wired for it.

  2. I write in two genres under two names, mine, Polly Iyer, and Maryn Sinclair. Maryn writes erotic romance. I have three published with both Loose-Id and Ellora’s Cave, all standalones. I bought one book back from Loose-Id, redid the cover, and self-published it, which was a mistake, but I won’t go into that. It’s hard enough being one writer, but being two is more than I can handle with all a writer has to do these days in social media. I have one more ER almost finished, and that will be my last. My comfort zone is Suspense/Mystery/Thriller, all with a touch of romance. I have six in the latter genres, with two more coming hopefully by the end of the year. Writing erotica is hard for me, and I write similar story lines as my other books, only with a lot of, um, sex. The key to doing well with erotica, or any genre, is writing series. Readers become invested in the lives of the characters and want to follow them to the conclusion. I have one psychic thriller series, but I am really a standalone writer, much to my detriment.

    Michele has tapped into a genre that has attracted a large fan base, and she does it well or she wouldn’t be as successful as she has been. She’s doing exactly the right thing with her series. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you, Polly/Maryn! Having read some of your Suspense/Mystery/Thrillers, this is praise coming from one of the greats!

  3. Hi Michele, you’re such a wonderful writer I know you could write in any style you choose. I spend so much time marketing my brand of “feel good” humorous mysteries, that I can’t imagine having a secret erotic series on the side. Although the “feel good” tag line might apply:-)

  4. Like E. Ayers, my brain isn’t wired for it either. My ‘hot’ scenes are mild compared to what’s out there, and writing them takes me ages, and tons of rewriting. I’ve heard it’s best to stick with what you enjoy writing, as Polly and Cindy said in their comments.

  5. Hot and spicy undoubtedly, perhaps I could see Erotic, but having read her amazing series of vampire novels (these are not all Bram Stoker type of vampires lurking in the shadows) I’m not sure her SNAP series fits the full definition of EROTICA. But call them anything, but just call me when “All That Jazz” comes out so I can get it! LOL (-;

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