is it better to give or receive? *winks* (free chapter excerpt of give & take)

enjoy. -alisa


She was going to kill him. And then kill him again.Then she was going to really go to work. Lena sat up and yanked down her shirt to cover what she could.
“What. In the fuck are you doing here, Ty? More importantly, how are you in my house?”
“I’ve been here all along. And I used the spare.”
She frowned murderously at him.
“What? Everyone knows you have one. You might as well let that shit go.”
“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Seriously?”
“Which part? The key or-” At her glare, he held up his hands.
“Yes, I’ve been sitting outside in your driveway this whole time.”
“Why didn’t you tell me? Why’d you let me think you were at home or on the side of the road, pulled over somewhere?”
“I swear I was going to say something, and things got…out of hand.” She looked at him suspiciously. “I swear. I wasn’t trying to play games. Not after all this. I promise.”
Lena looked unconvinced.
“Ok. I could have told you I was in the house. I admit that. But you were getting cocky. You needed knocked down a peg. You know you did.” His voice drifted into silence as his eyes took in her naked thighs. He had never seen her this exposed. Not even at the club, where everything was dark…and hidden. With the exception of a tiny nightshirt, she was practically naked.
Lena looked down and noticed the same thing. She abruptly stood from the couch. “I’m going to put something on.”
Ty followed behind her. “Why?”
“Because I’m not dressed, that’s why!”
“Where are my shorts?” she wondered aloud.
“I know I left some clothes in a basket around here. They were near the kitchen. Where the hell are the damn things?”
“Lena. Stop.” He grabbed her and pinned her against the wall.
“Let me go, Ty.”
“You know I’m not going to. Why do you even bother?”
“Because maybe I’d like to think somewhere within your peanut-sized brain there lies some sort of common sense and rationality.”
“Haven’t we done this long enough, Lena?”
“Done what?”
“Denied….this. Denied…us.”
“There is no this, Ty. There is no us. There’s you, there’s me. We’re not together. You are my friend. My best friend. You’re my person. Why do you want to fuck that up?”
“Who says we will?” Ty kissed the side of her neck and along her jawline.
“Because it’s what we do, Ty. We fuck shit up. It’s why we’re alone. Why we’re always alone. And would you please stop that?”
“No. And tell me you don’t really believe that.”
“You know, I could have you arrested. This is trespassing. And yes, I do.”
“Uh huh….I know.” He lifted her shirt and licked her belly button.
Lena closed her eyes and muttered something under her breath.
“What was that?” Ty sank to his knees in front of her and gently kissed the apex of her thighs. He slid his hands around squeezing her ass, nuzzling his face between her legs. Inhaling the sweet-scented honey, gathering between her thighs as she watched him on his knees before her. Practically worshipping at her feet.
It was indeed…heady shit.
“I’m counting, Tyler. Trying to clear my head before I do something stupid. Again.”
He licked and dipped into her belly button again, and she felt erotic heat unfurl in her belly, consuming her once again. Like it ever left.
He licked around the outer area of her groin, sucking and kissing on one thigh, then the other, as her pussy clenched in heated torment.
She became slick and wet, as cream slid down her thighs involuntarily, and Ty lapped at it like a hungry cat. He parted her legs and focused on tasting her swollen, engorged clit, poking out like ripe fruit needing picked. She arched her back, crying out.
“Oh my fucking god. Fuck. Jesus, Ty.”
“I know, baby.” He slid his long fingers into her core, as hunger, blistering, intense, fiery hunger, threatened to consume her. She was voracious in her need, and gasping and whimpering with the force of his fingers as they relentlessly fucked her enflamed pussy. “Trust me, I know.”
He turned her around, spreading her ass cheeks open, desperate to have her any way he could. He buried his face between them, to the tiny rosebud opening of her anus, licking, sucking, delving his entire tongue inside her tight ass, giving her long, lingering strokes from ass to pussy, then returning to repeat the process over again. He unzipped his pants again and fisted himself, overflowing with pre-come.
Her moans became louder, more frantic, as she ground her ass into his face, clutching the railings for support. With her other hand she fingered her pussy, thrusting her fingers in time with his tongue fucking her ass.
Ty sucked and licked with more eagerness, fueled by her breathless cries. He couldn’t get enough, the sweetness of her ass making him probe deeper and deeper, until she slid to the floor, unable to stand any longer. He grabbed her hips from behind and pulled her back so that she was on top of him, on his face, as he continued to ram his tongue in and out of her constricted little hole, going deeper still, teasing the sensitive flesh as she moved her hips uncontrollably against his mouth.
Lena cried out, whimpering helplessly under his onslaught, feeling him brutally grip her hips, kneading her flesh, bruising her, her pussy walls tightening with ruthless urgency around her fingers. Soft gasps, rapid breathing, exited from her lips and she knew she was approaching climax soon.
Ty’s cock bobbed underneath of her, begging for attention. She ran her hand down his shaft, cupping his balls kissing and licking her way back to the top, finally taking him in her mouth, tasting him, knowing him, now on a whole new level. She savored the first spurts of pre-come as it erupted from the tip, licking and sampling him until he was raising his hips off the floor.
“Jesus Christ, baby…” Ty groaned as she sucked and twirled her tongue around him, licking the sensitive underside of his cock, as he continued licking his warm, wet tongue around her anus. Her mouth was a tight glove around his cock, hot, wet and beautiful. He was seconds from exploding.
She wasn’t far behind. Just when she thought he couldn’t go any further, she felt his tongue slide inside her ass so deeply she was sure her heart stopped. She felt the room spinning as she sucked him down entirely into her throat, swallowing around him so that she didn’t gag, and when his fingers shoved inside her aching, throbbing cunt next to her own, Lena’s body convulsed around them both, her thighs a vise grip around his face, and still he never stopped feasting, tasting, devouring her. “Oh….My….God. Ty…I’m coming….Come with me….Need…you….now…Fuck.”
She felt his cock expand in her mouth, felt the veins throb against her lips and tongue and felt the force of her own orgasm, right when she felt the first rush of Ty’s sperm down her throat. Seconds later his hips lifted, more of the hot liquid rushing down her throat, and spilling out of her mouth.
She felt his broken, guttural shout as he screamed his release, the sound muted against the beautiful, moist, flesh of her ass, still fucking her with his tongue, assaulting her with piercing stabs of pleasure. She ground herself into his face, smothering him, suffocating him with the force of her orgasm. She slid her cheek down the side of his cock, consuming some his semen, letting the rest slide over her lips, her tongue, even her chin as she used her hands to milk him for everything he had inside.
Spent and exhausted, they both finally collapsed. All that was heard was heavy panting as each tried to catch their breath.
It was Ty who first spoke.
“You have…a large ass.”
Lena giggled tiredly. “It’s a nice ass.”
“It’s a very nice ass. But it’s a large ass.”
“Say you love it.”
“What? I’m not saying that.”
“Say you love my ass, Ty. You know you do. Just say it.”
Ty laughed with her, feeling happy all of a sudden.
Just once, maybe he wasn’t second choice. Maybe…he actually got the girl.
“I do love…your ass.”
She noticed the hiccup, the pause, and just like that, the spell was broken.
God forbid real emotions get discussed.
“I should get up.”
Ty sighed reluctantly. “Probably. It’d be nice to breathe.”
“Shut up. Your dick is not exactly small. It’s a fucking soda can. I practically choked on it and my mouth is gonna be sore for a week.” She sat up and slid her pussy, still wet with her spend, down the length of his body. Ty groaned in protest, feeling her damp curls brush over his skin.
“You did that on purpose.”
“I did. That was for talking about my ass. Next time, do better.”
Oops. Didn’t mean to say that part out loud.
“There’s going to be a next time?”
“Damn, I’m hungry. Where’s that popcorn?”
When in doubt, deny it out.
She stood and stretched, wandering back to the living room where the bowl of popcorn was. She squealed happily and sat on the couch, cramming a handful in her mouth, chewing noisily. She took a swig of water and continued chewing.
Ty sat down next to her and stared. She ignored him and kept eating.
“Hey,” He cut in. “You think you could stop shoveling long enough to say yes to doing an interview tomorrow?”
“Why exactly would I come out of journalistic retirement for you of all people?”
“Because it involves the green stuff you love and worship so much?”
“Apple Jolly Ranchers? You know I already purchased the patent from them. Why would I need more from you?” Lena looked genuinely confused.
Ty rolled his eyes.
“You know…never mind. It’s not even worth trying to insult you. I’m talking about money, you potted plant. Green. Dinero. Cash? And the fact that your magazine would have the exclusive details of our new album and tour?”
“I do own a magazine, don’t I? And you know the saying. Cash rules everything around me, daddy.” She brightened considerably.
“Tell me more about this interview, kid. Where and when?”
“Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, my house. It’ll probably be better to spend the night since we gotta do it so early in the morning.”
“Spend the night?” Lena laughed. “Yeah. I think not.”
“Jesus, will you friggin’ relax already? It’s legit, I swear.”
Lena grinned. “How do I know you’re not just trying to get in my pants, loser?”
“Because I’ve been in your pants, idiot. I’ve already tasted the goods.”
“Not all of the goods, cowboy.” Her hands patted her mound and he swallowed.
“Um….” Ty lost his train of thought.
“You were saying, dear?” Lena gave him a wink that was downright evil.
“I, um…I’m leaving first thing in the morning for New York.” Tyler paused as her thighs fell open just a bit, exposing the creamy wetness still there.
He dragged his gaze up to her face as she smiled knowingly at him. She cleared her throat and urged him to continue. “Anyway,” He continued, shaking his head to clear the visual. “We can’t do it tonight obviously. You’ve got the thing. At the club. Yeah. The thing at the club.”
“By the way…Danny asked what you were up to.”
“Oh.” She sounded indifferent. “Yeah?”
Ty snorted.
“Ok, wow….Really? Is it like that? So basically your pussy didn’t just turn into the Wet ‘n Wild Roller Coaster the minute you heard his name.”
“Oh please. You honestly think you know me, don’t you?”
“I know I know you. And get your fingers from between your legs, sweetheart. I haven’t gone anywhere. I can still see you, you know.”
She looked down to see her fingers once again, had a mind of their own.
“Well. Would you look at that.”
Ty had to get away from her. She was an evil succubus and needed to be destroyed. He didn’t think she was completely aware of just how much power she wielded over him. The small bit of knowledge she had was dangerous enough.
It was definitely time to exit, stage left.
“Are you doing the interview or not?”
She decided not to comment on the new bulge in his pants. “Count me in, darlin’.” She stood again, heading for the shower. “I’ll ummmm…let you finish taking care of business. You know. Getting ready and…such. Use one of the guest bedrooms if you need to.”
He stood up as well.
Oh, this wasn’t awkward at all.
“Did you want a ride? To the release party, I mean. Or should I just go ahead and go without you?”
“No, don’t go. I mean…a ride would be nice. To release. The release. The release party, I mean.” She laughed a little. “Freudian slip, I guess.”
She tried to move past without touching him so she could spare them both.
And failed.
“Lena.” He tucked a curl behind her ear.
“Go shower. I’ll meet you downstairs in an hour.”
“Right.” She started walking up the stairs. “Ty?”

“This didn’t happen.”


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