sucking it up…

(Re-blogged from guest post at Delilah Devlin’s blog)

So right now as we speak I am in the middle of a cross-country move. My landlord decided to list her house for sale and gave us the opportunity to get out of our lease early. So the good news was that we saved thousands of dollars by leaving almost two whole months early. The bad news? We were leaving two whole freaking months early. You ever try that shit with two 7 year olds, two dogs and a cat? Yep. Every inch the freaking nightmare it sounds. Plus, suddenly, we had all of three weeks to get pack and get out instead of the almost three months we originally had. Which also meant since my roommate had to give her job proper notice, we still had six weeks left here in the state we were moving from, so we decided to cut costs and move into an extended stay. Super fun, lemme tell ya.

So…my mom volunteers to take the boys to make some of the move easier and even though honestly they truly were the biggest help picking up books and moving them for me, having to deal with entertaining them in the tiny little hotel room with which we are currently residing just would not have been fun. After much back and forth, we decided to each drive five hours to meet each other and make the drop. Um. So to speak. *grins*

In the midst of it all my oldest pup Asher, who’s not really a pup, but will always be my baby boy, decides it would be fun to ingest rat poison. Oh, and not just one tray of it. Try three. While we were moving and getting rid of furniture in the garage, totally forgot we had it down because typically he’s not roaming in that area. He was that day. And had it not been for my oldest son who noticed it, we would never have been any the wiser. Not to mention I helped things right along by dismissing it saying he ate something else, since OF COURSE if he HAD consumed it, he’d be, like dead immediately, right?

WRONG. SO VERY, VERY WRONG. *sighs again*

Apparently this type of poison operates as a one big giant blood thinner for rats, I guess. They eat it, they go away and a couple of days later, and ummm….basically, they bleed to death. It’s rather gross, actually. So you can imagine what it does to dogs. Basically the same thing. And since he was super awesome enough to eat three…well….you can do the math.

If you guess fun times had by all…you’d be so right. So right it’s scary. You must have ESP.



So. Because he’s not the size of a rat obviously, it’s not going to affect him immediately, which is what we were looking for. We thought we were in the clear since a few days went by and he seemed fine. And all joking aside, if anyone has this happen to their dog or cat, please understand the worst thing you can do is wait.

Long story short, few days later, he stopped eating, pretty much lost all interest in anything, because at this point he was bleeding out and no one knew it. He finally collapses and we think he’s dead, and we’re all sobbing hysterically, until wait, he lifts his head. My mother tells us to get him to the hospital where they tell us he doesn’t look good. Humans and animals need to have a red blood cell count of around 45-50%. 9% is pretty terminal. His was 10%.

His only shot was vitamin k and a blood transfusion to give the vitamin k time to work and make his blood clot, since the poison pretty much destroys your ability to make vitamin k, and even then it’s no promise he was going to make bit. Thank god my sister, aka his fairy godmother had a credit card and a bleeding heart (pun intended) and paid the gazillion dollars required to keep him overnight give him the transfusion. Thank the lord he only needed one because since I’m not a bestselling author YET, I truly don’t know what I would have done.

But I digress. My dog made it, and is sitting next to me right now recovering very slowly. Plenty of rest, no stress, no movement unless needed. Large doses of vitamin k to help his blood clot. Right in the middle of my move, right? Yup. And of course our hotel room is the last damn room down the hall and the poor guy walks practically a freaking mile every day.

Every time I want to complain about my situation, including the fact that I was supposed to be using this time to work on book three of the give & receive series, including the fact that when I pulled out my computer to work on said book, my cat steps on my keyboard and totals my hard drive, destroying everything I didn’t back up in the past year (see this my past self warned my future self about this very thing, and I neglected to listen)….I smile serenely (or at least pretend to) and look at him.

My back may hurt from the crappy hotel bed, but bleeding internally pretty much trumps everything. And if you knew him, you’d know that’s the look he was giving me. Like…oh, sweet bitch. Spare me the bullshit.

And I get it. Asher has forgiven me for being stupid and allowing rat poison to be placed in my home.

So…I suck it up. And decide to be grateful, that at least I email myself my work, even if I stopped when the move got crazy. So maybe I did learn something.

*clears throat and looks at nails*

Just not everything, I guess.

How’s your summer going, kids?

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