sinful sunday book reviews: julie shelton, loving sarah


This book definitely took me a little out of my comfort zone. I tend to skim my feet in the proverbial pool of BDSM at times, and more often than not I am very choosy with what I read in the genre, because…well…a lot of it…just isn’t good. I suppose that comes with anything that’s popular. People jump on the bandwagon, trying to cash in on a popular genre and before you know it, there are a trillion ménages or BDSM novels to choose from. This is definitely a keeper.

I have to say this book was pretty steamy, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed a heroine like Sarah as well as the Dom/sub roles the characters played. Sarah has years of pent up frustrations, fantasies and blazing hot dreams of Jesse, the man who tore out her heart and left her unexpectedly eight years ago, without so much as a good-bye.

Thinking her father bought him off, for years Sarah both pined for and felt betrayed by Jesse, craving his touch so much she could almost taste it and him. Of course Jesse feels the same, and feeling himself unworthy of someone like Sarah, does his best to distance her from his life, his preferences and the darkness of his type of need.

Enter Adam, Jesse’s best friend, who knows him better than anyone, knows how much Jesse loves Sarah, and coincidentally, is in love with Sarah too, even though he has never met her face to face. They’ve talked about Sarah being their sub, but no way did Adam actually think Jesse was serious, or that he was fully aware of how Adam truly felt about Sarah. Until now.

The chemistry between these three is blistering. Pure molten lava. The sex scenes are scorching and extremely well thought out. Jesse and Adam are super dominant, super strong, super hot. If you want your sexy, bossy, alpha males, you’ve got them here in spades.

And of course, what good story is without a villain, and trust me, he’s a nasty one. Obsessed with having Sarah at any costs, Ryder Malone is a piece of work. When he is released from prison for attacking her the first time, he is hell bent on revenge and is relentless in his pursuit. Sarah has no choice but to trust Adam and Jesse to keep her safe.

If I had any criticism at all, I felt the novel was a little mired down with excess detail for my taste and sometimes detracted away from the plot. I also wouldn’t have minded if Adam and Jesse explored their own chemistry. Another novel perhaps? *grins* Otherwise, a well written, steamy read. Even if BDSM isn’t for you, I still encourage you to give this a go. It will definitely keep you warm at night.

**DISCLAIMER** Scha-mokin’ hot book provided by uber cool author for completely shameless plug…I mean…um, honest review. Additional snark provided freely, and at no extra charge. =0)

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