six degrees of seXparation by rico lamoureux

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Six Degrees of SeXparation

Rico Lamoureux

Blurb: The unleashing of a sexual beast, a sexplorer’s discovery of a lifetime and the cherishing of a pristine innocent.

Six%20Degrees%20of%20Sexploration_final_thumbnailAdd this to an erogenous tale of curiosity in The Pink French and the quenching of a lustful thirst in Business Class and you’ve got five salacious short stories linked by six passionate characters in Six Degrees of SeXparation.

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About the Author

Rico Lamoureux is an erotic author who is currently published by No Boundaries Press. With stories that engage, excite, and enlighten, his focus on substance is evident, as he not only creates worlds of pulse-racing eroticism, but also provokes thought with interesting characters and insightful journeys.

Excerpt 18 + Only

What was he doing to me? Why did it feel so damn good?! I wanted to see, but couldn’t sit up. But just as I started to fully submit-

My six o’clock alarm went off. I touched myself, and for the first time in a long while felt the wetness of arousal. Without even thinking about it I began to lightly stroke one of my slickened lips as my mind drifted with thoughts of the sex-expert-to-be. How much does he actually know about the female body? With all that research up in that head of his, dare I imagine the possibilities?!

That one brief conversation had changed everything. Before it, I saw Gerard as nothing more than a shy young college student, but now I found myself looking at him in a whole new light. He did have nice eyes, and when not wearing those glasses his face appeared to be less boyish and more like that of someone who just might give you a sexual thought. Or was my mind playing tricks on me, trying to convince itself for the prospect of finding pleasure for the body? I don’t know, but when I peered at him from the corner of my eye during breakfast and saw how he licked his orange juice moistened lips, I was struck with desire. For the rest of the day I couldn’t stop my inconspicuous gazes.

I bet his ass would look great in a pair of jeans…

What would those fingers really feel like inside me?

Could he really help me ‘spray the wall’?

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