the neverending saga by maureen o. betita

Hi! I’m Maureen O. Betita, aka 2nd Chance on the Romance Writers Revenge (, a vessel that sails the cyber seas. I’m the bartender.  And…I write! We all write on the blog, different genres. I’m the one who writes about pirates, in romantic adventures with a touch of paranormal.

Most of my fellow crewmates aren’t big on the idea of writing a long series. Now me? When I started writing, I couldn’t stop and one day…I added up all the words in this saga I was creating and realized I had over 3 million of ‘em.

Wow. (Am I mad? Maybe. Anything is possible…I really believe that.) (Giggle…snort…ahem…)


And…well, I divided them up into separate books…yes, they were one massive volume on my laptop…and found I had thirty books! Actually, I have 29.5 books. (I really need to finish that last story.)

In the meantime, I was writing other things…other books. And it was one of the other trlogy that got me published. But I never forgot that first saga…that one that won my heart from the very beginning. So, a few years go by and I decide I’m going to do it. I’m going to put out my neverendingsaga. I’m going to self-publish!

Because I really felt that no publisher would ever take a chance on a 30 volume series involving Caribbean pirates, a witch who can travel through time and space and fills her magical well through intimate behavior. Yes, a sexual witch. And I did the one thing that everyone says can’t be done…I made them the romantic pairing featured in every single book. It’s a series, like…Hart to Hart, MacMillan and Wife, Tommy and Tuppance…and other couples of romantic fame…

Yes, I don’t believe in the curse of Moonlighting. I mean, Nora is doing it! With Dallas and Roarke. Edgar Rice Burroughs did it with Tarzan and Jane! No one can tell me what I can’t do! So…I quit trying to sell the series to a publisher/editor/agent, hired a pair of copy editors, and a cover artist and…dove into doing it myself. The first, A Caribbean Spell is the series name and the first book, which came out in March.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with series. I once read them all. The fantasy ones. The scifi ones. The mystery ones, which I still read. I’m a lightning fast reader and I hate being hung up. So, I generally don’t start anything until the entire series is out. I know how it is, as a reader. Which is why my books will come out four times a year, every three months. For 7.5 years.

I understand the meaning of commitment. To a series, to a couple, to the Happily Ever After continually being full of challenges, which often involve saving the world.

Mwah ha ha ha ha! Giggle…giggle…


Captain Jake Reynard and Miranda are destined to be together and his Caribbean lies at the crux of powerful forces. Miranda is from a time similar to ours, but she’s been around…traveling for twenty years. (Yup, another rule I broke. My couple is in their forties.) She manages to make her way no matter where she lands, but Jake’s Caribbean proves really hard to resist. She’s a wounded woman, no family ties, nothing to anchor her. Until Jake…

They meet in A Caribbean Spell and the rest is history. Or a series.

A Caribbean Spell, Betita, SM


Once her back was clean, the awkward situation of how to wrap the bandages presented itself. Oh, nonsense. She thought a moment. “Captain? Will you cut for me a strip a foot or so wide? Make it as long as possible.”

When he handed her what she’d asked for, she stood, stripping away the remains of her blouse. “I am sorry, gentlemen, if I offend either of you, but I won’t stand on modesty. These lashes need to be wrapped.” Both men quickly spun about, pointedly not looking at her. She matter-of-factly tucked the blanket around her waist and carefully used the fabric to fashion a covering for her breasts. She awkwardly took the length behind her, brought it forward over her breasts, and then across and around the back of her neck. She did this several times, hissing at the pain moving her arms woke up along her back.

As she finished the bandaging, she found herself meeting the eyes of Captain Jake, reflected in a conveniently placed mirror. She just smiled at him, and then winked. His eyes widened. Interesting, she thought, very nice.


What’s your take on series? Can you commit to a couple? Trust me to keep you entertained, enticed and entranced with A Caribbean Spell?

Author Bio


Maureen O. Betita writes about pirates. Okay, she also writes about alien love stories and the rare contemporary romance, but mainly…pirates. She has recently given into the lure of revealing to the world how deeply this passion lies. Deep, very deep. The first of a series is A Caribbean Spell, self-published, now available as an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords. The print will be available as soon as she figures out how to put it all together without having a nervous breakdown.

How deep is this passion? Three million words deep. Thirty books, one every three months. For seven and a half years.

Maureen has been married over thirty years to her high school sweetheart, who loves to play pirate with her at pirate festivals around California, where they make a home with a dog and a cat. And a huge collection of pirate paraphernalia.

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4 thoughts on “the neverending saga by maureen o. betita”

    1. Thanks, Sabrina. I think it says a lot about how much an author can do if they don’t know any of the ‘rules’ and are just writing for the joy of telling a story… The ‘rules’ say don’t write the second one until you sell the first one.
      Thank God, I didn’t know the rules!

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