beneath southern skies by terra little

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Beneath Southern Skies

by Terra Little

Author Terra Little
Author Terra Little

About The Author:

Terra Little is a native of Missouri, where she currently resides and works as a secondary English Literature teacher. She is a critically acclaimed contemporary, romantic, and women’s fiction author, and also an avid reader. In 2009, “Where There’s Smoke”, Terra’s sophomore literary effort, was named a Best Book by Library Journal. Prior to this honor, as well as in the aftermath of it, Terra’s work has been recognized by numerous book clubs and book reviewers, including Kirkus Reviews, The San Francisco Book Review, Fresh Fiction and The Romantic Times.

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PUBLISHER: Harlequin Kimani PressBeneath Southern Skies Cover


GENRE: Romance



A little Southern comfort goes a long way…

To the world she’s Vanessa Valentino, the poison-penned gossip columnist and blogger, but back in Georgia, she’s just Tressie Valentine. After digging up one scandalous secret too many, she’s forced back home to the sleepy town she thought she’d left behind forever. And now she must face Nathaniel Woodberry, who became her sworn enemy when one of her stories hit too close to home. Yet for some reason, Tressie can’t turn off her longing for the irresistible investigative journalist.

Nate can’t believe Tressie’s back to wreak havoc on the close-knit community they both grew up in, and he can’t help holding a grudge against her past deeds. But soon the commitment-wary bachelor discovers that the Southern belle is still a compassionate, loving woman. Nate finds himself drawn to her and he can’t stop thinking about seducing her with a healthy dose of down-home passion. But can he stop Tressie from making a mistake that could destroy their hometown—and their blossoming love?

Excerpt #2

Even in sleep the man was a god. Long-limbed and artfully sculpted, he was like a carved, life-size sex toy, Tressie decided as her gaze wandered south and followed the trail of fine, dark hair that began at his navel and snaked down his abdomen until it disappeared beneath the sheet. She was tempted to touch him there, just to see if the hair was as soft and springy as it looked, but she settled for touching the warm, smooth skin on his shoulder instead.

Nate, wake up.” A deep, throaty groan was the only indication that he’d heard her.

Nate, wake up.” She shook him softly. “It’s me, Tressie. I need to talk to you. Wake up.” Several seconds passed before it finally occurred to her that he was nowhere near the waking point. As if she needed further convincing, he stirred just long enough to stretch languidly, push one hand up and underneath the pillow he was lying on, and then push the other one down and underneath the sheet pooled around his waist. Willing herself not to think about what he was possibly touching down there, she leaned over Nate and flattened a hand on his chest. “Dammit, Nate. Wake up, would you?”

He twitched and she jumped. Then he settled back into sleep again, and she pressed a hand to her chest to steady her pounding heart. He twitched again and she held her breath, waiting. As it turned out, she didn’t have to wait long.

Oh my God,” was all she had the presence of mind to say when he sprang toward her like a cobra. The next thing she knew, she was airborne and screaming, once again, at the top of her lungs.

Goddamned woman, Nate thought as he hauled her lithe and protesting little body across the bed and rolled with her. She was scrambling to get her bearings, but her flailing arms and legs were no match for the element of surprise. No doubt he had scared the hell out of her, but from where he was lying, turnabout was fair play. Waking up in the middle of the night to find someone lurking in the dark, standing over him with, as far as he was concerned, questionable intentions, hadn’t exactly done his heart any good, either.

She landed on her back in the middle of the bed and he came down on top of her, thinking the entire time about shaking her until her teeth rattled. She was like a fly. The more you swatted at the damn thing, the more it kept buzzing around your head. But even flies got the hint after a while. What the hell was she still doing in Mercy?

His hands found hers and clamped them to the mattress above her head before she could scratch his eyes out or worse, and his knee wedged its way between hers…just in case. She was still screaming her head off, but he wasn’t about to release one of her hands so that he could cover her mouth.

Would you please shut up?” Nate growled in Tressie’s ear. “You know damn well who I am and where you are.”

As if someone had flipped a switch, Tressie fell silent. A second later, she giggled. “Of course I know it’s you. I snuck in here, remember?”

Which begs the obvious question—why?”

Chest-to-chest and face-to-face, they stared at each other.

Because I thought it would add an air of mystery and suspense to the situation,” she quipped, still giggling. “Plus, it was fun, sort of like riding a roller coaster. And you know what?

Something tells me that you would be one hell of a roller coaster ride, Nate.”

And something tells me that you need to have your head checked.” Or maybe he was the one who needed his head checked. He had half a mind to throw her right back out the window that she had undoubtedly crawled through. The problem was the other half of his mind was wondering if the skin between her breasts, both of which were crushed between them like twin pillows at this very moment, smelled as good as the skin in the hollow of her neck did. Either too many forays into jungles and deserts were causing him to lose his mind, or she was some kind of witch doctor trying to cast a voodoo spell on him. When his penis perked up and started thinking with a mind of its own, he decided that it had to be the latter. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the police and have you hauled off to jail?”


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