cover reveal by rachell largent

While Alisa is busy finishing up give & take, I’m proud to reveal her newly updated book covers for give & receive as well as her new book cover for Erotic Edibles, Poetry inspired by the give & receive series!

We worked on these covers for quite awhile together and went through many many rounds (edits, cuts, more edits, more cut) =)  We both loved the original designs you may or may not have seen but ultimately decided to go in a new direction.

I think we both agree we REALLY love the finished products and are very proud of what was accomplished.  So….not to toot my own imaginary horn but…..beep beep!

give & take will be released on March 8th and Erotic Edibles will follow March 15th.  Keep your eyes out for the press release! -Rachell aka PR Diva (as Lisa calls me)

give&receivefinal2-28-13   give&takefinal2-28-13   Erotic Edibles

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