sinful sunday with tonya ramagos

Today, I want to introduce you to Tonya Ramagos, who is a best-selling author of contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and cowboy novels. She spends most of her time in a fictional world dreaming up hot hunks and head-strong heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. Anything from legal and military non-fiction to any genre of romance can be found on her Kindle. Her music tastes are just as varied with favorite artists ranging from Billy Currington to Disturbed. Her idea of relaxing is curling up on the sofa or her back deck with a book and her favorite beverage. Born and raised in Pascagoula, MS, she is now a resident of Chattanooga, TN where she lives with her boyfriend and their five children.

And without further ado….I give you Tonya…Take it away woman!

Where were you born and where is home for you now?

I was born in Lucedale, MS and raised on the Pascagoula/Biloxi Coast. Today, I live in Harrison, TN just outside of Chattanooga. I exchanged the beach for the mountains, but the only time I regret it is when it’s 17 degrees outside like it is today.

What’s in your refrigerator right now?

Hmm, let’s see… *rushes off to go look* Milk, eggs, a leftover pork chop, 2 leftover hamburger patties, sweet tea (yuck!), coke zero (that’s mine:), the usual condiments, sandwich meat, veggies, cheese, and several jars of salsa.

If you gave one of your characters an opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?

My characters speak for themselves in every book. I’m just the girl at the keyboard typing it all down for them. 🙂

What was the last movie you went to see?

Magic Mike. I don’t go to the theatre often. I usually prefer to wait for a movie to come out on DVD, but I could resist seeing Magic Mike on the super big screen. 🙂

Top 3 favorite movies

Somewhere In Time, it’s truly a romantic classic

Backdraft, because I’m a firefighter nut. What can I say?

A Time to Kill, an awesome drama/legal thriller based off the book by John Grisham. Oh, and because Mathew Mcconaughey plays the attorney.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Between my honey and I, we have 5 children ranging in ages from 2 – 18. Only the 12 & 18 year olds live with us full-time, but we have the other 3 often. When I’m not writing, I’m spending time with the family. We never know what we’ll find to get into. I love to read, of course, and once a week my honey and I play on a dart team for the local Greater Chattanooga Dart Association.

Favorite type of music?

It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I’m a country girl drooling over Billy Currington and shuffling my feet to Jason Aldean. Other times, I’m banging my head to Slipknot, Korn, or Disturbed.

How many novels, short stories have you published?

I currently have 48 novels and short stories published with number 49 being released on January 28th and the big 50 coming soon.

Does size matter?

I don’t think it matters how big a man’s dick is as long as he knows how to use it right.

Is a polyamorous relationship just a fantasy or can it truly be successful?

I don’t know anyone personally in a polyamorous relationship, but I do believe it could be truly successful if all the parties involved really love one another and are willing to share.

You write erotica. What writing elements do you think are important to include in a piece of erotic fiction to make it of the highest caliber?

Even though I the sex scenes I write are explicit, the most important thing in an erotic novel is the plot. I believe characters having sex for the sake of sex makes the novel porn. A good, solid plot where the characters are forced to face problems or thrown into situations that are, at least at first, out of their control is the key. Falling in love while that happens and then exploring that love through several rounds of hot, sweaty sex makes the plot richer.

Do you think it is best to call body parts by their anatomically correct names? Or come up with euphemisms?

Anatomically correct names. I’ve read many books that used euphemisms and, while some of them were great, there were others that simply made me laugh too hard to enjoy the story. Call it what it is instead of making up flowery names for it. We’re all adults and shouldn’t be embarrassed by the human body.

Is there any additional info you would like to share with your readers about what’s next for you and your books?

My latest release, Chelsea’s Rescue [The Service Club 5], will be available on January 28th at Siren-BookStrand. While Chelsea’s Rescue is the 5th book to The Service Club series, all the books can be read alone or in any order.

As for what’s next, I recently completed a new M/M erotic romance titled Controlling the Burn that will be coming soon from Siren-BookStrand. Here’s a sneak peek of that novel.

Drew Ward knows how to keep his head in the game and, now that he’s accomplished his mission to become one of the elite Loveland Smoke Jumpers, he’s turning his attention to the man he’s wanted nearly half his life. Seasoned smoke jumper Wesley Payton might be twenty years younger, but he’s one hot-bed of perfection Drew aims to have and he won’t stop his pursuit until Wesley belongs to him.

Wesley has avoided being caught alone with Drew for six weeks, but he hasn’t managed to evade the fire burning inside him for the younger man. Drew is sinfully sexy, dangerously tempting, and Wesley knows if he lets the man get too close he’ll be toast. But Drew isn’t a man who backs off easily and when Wesley suddenly finds himself in the man’s arms, he knows he’s parachuted into a wildfire he won’t be able to control.

Where can readers stalk…um…I mean, find you?

Ooo, I love it when readers stalk…um…contact me. 🙂 I can be reached anytime at and I can also be found at the following links:




Twitter: @tonyaramagos

Buy links:

Chelsea’s Rescue [The Service Club 5] Buy Link:



Chelsea Landon is running scared. When a detour through the hometown she abandoned ends in an accident, Chelsea finds safety with EMT twins Braden and Micah Chandler. But, to be in their arms, she must succumb to dark desires she’s barely aware of before proving to them she’s the submissive they crave.

Braden has loved Chelsea forever. When she crashes back into his life, sticking around isn’t the only thing he will demand. He expects full submission in exchange for the erotic pleasures he will give her. But her past and the demons chasing her won’t make that easy to get.

Micah’s feelings for Chelsea are as strong as Braden’s. So are his desires. But sometimes love hurts rather than heals. They are too dominant for her. Still, they will protect her at all costs. When trouble follows, the vixen is unleashed, and resistance starts to slip, it might be them in need of rescue.


Chelsea moaned, her breath hitching as something satiny soft and blissfully warm swiped lightly over her clit. The sensation tingled down as the same something glided between her pussy lips with a mirroring featherlike caress before delving inside her channel. Her hips bucked, her eyes flying open as the object probed deep, slithered along the walls of her cunt, and drew back.

“Good morning.”

Braden’s lazy drawl drifted to her on a gentle breeze of mounting sensuality. She lifted her head off the pillow to find her legs draped over his broad shoulders. His hands were beneath her, gripping her ass, and a devilish grin spread his lips glistening with the moisture of her pussy.

She blinked at him, mortification slamming into her as every ounce of sleepiness morphed into lucid reality. “What are you doing?”

“Having breakfast.”

“Having—” She started to repeat his answer inanely but broke off when she attempted to move her arms and realized she couldn’t. She turned her head and saw he had bound her wrists with the leather straps attached to his headboard. Identical straps were fastened to her ankles at the ends of what appeared to be leather ropes that provided more slack than the wrist restraints. Slack Braden had tightened by placing her legs on his shoulders and lifting her ass into the air.

“You tied me down.” Sheer shock dissipated the mortification as she gaped at him, wide-eyed. “I didn’t get out of this bed when you threatened me the other day and I’m here this morning just like you told me to be and, yet, you did it anyway.”

“Yep.” His simple response had her temper boiling. “That way you couldn’t try to stop us from looking our fill at the body we’re intent on claiming. Nor did I want you keeping me from my breakfast. It’s been a long twenty-four hours, darlin’. I’m starving.”

He dipped his head, burying his face in her pussy again, and stole her breath right along with any words she might have said to that. The coarseness of his stubbled jaw grated lightly against her sensitive flesh as he drove his questing tongue into her opening and straight through her sanity.

Chelsea let her head fall back, closing her eyes as electricity sparked, exploded, and sizzled through her head. She closed her eyes as it rained down her body in a dazzling display of colorful pleasure that tore through her system. A whimper escaped her, morphing into a cry of sheer pain-laced pleasure as he pulled his tongue back, rolled one side of her labia between his lips, and nipped. The darkly erotic sensation leapt from her pussy to her breast as a quick dart of pained ecstasy shot through her nipple.

“Open your eyes, Sea.” Micah’s tone was husky and thick with his own arousal. “Keep them open. I want see what you’re feeling while he’s eating your cunt.”

Chelsea forced her eyes open and found Micah on his knees beside her on the bed. Braden and his actions between her legs had commanded so much of her attention she hadn’t realized Micah had crawled up beside her. She hadn’t felt him bend down to draw her nipple into his mouth until he latched onto the bud with his teeth and sent her senses screaming. Christ, how could she not have realized he was there?

“Help me.” The strangled plea rolled from her lips as raking fingers of fiery bliss continued to manipulate her essence. Braden’s tongue plunged inside her channel once more, settling into a rapid rhythm of fucking that drove her straight up orgasmic mountain.

Micah’s hands were on her breasts, his thumbs and forefingers rolling her nipples to achingly solid points. “What do you want, Sea? Do you want us to stop?”

“No.” She said the word without a thought, her head lolling from side to side on its own accord as sexual confusion and stupendous awareness mixed a crazy concoction in her bloodstream.

“Then how can I help you, my love?”

Chelsea started to say she didn’t know. Dear God, she had been eaten out before, but it had never felt like this. Braden held her steady, imprisoned her lower body with his hands more effectively even than the bindings on her ankles, and dominated her very soul. His hand on her ass gripped tighter, spreading her cheeks as he slipped one finger of his other hand between them. The callused pad of the digit grazed over her anus and she froze, no longer straining against her bindings, no longer thrashing from the intense pleasures that were driving her out of her mind.

Fear sliced from her ass to her head, the blazing heat inside her clashing with icy shards that threatened to shatter her even as needs darker and seedier than she had ever known mounted in her body.

“Braden!” Even as his name gushed from her throat, Micah’s attention to her breasts sent her senses whirling anew. His thumbs and fingers twisted her nipples in pressured squeezes that had her back coming off the mattress beneath her despite the bindings on her wrists holding her arms securely straight above her head. Lightning surges of painful pleasure bolted from her breasts to her pussy to her ass, only to retrace the path over and over again.

“What is it you want, Chelsea?” Micah’s tone held a tenderness his fingers did not as he worked her nipples and molded his wide hands to her breasts.”

“I. Don’t. Know.” Her struggle to breathe made each word a sentence of its own. “Too much. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do.”

“Enjoy it, love,” he said so compassionately it brought tears to her eyes. “Let yourself feel. Let yourself go. Let us take care of you.”

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